Arguing with Verizon over renewing my FiOS service. They no longer offer service at the speed of my old plan. I literally have to pay more for faster service that I don't really need or cut speed to 1/2 of my current plan. To add to the stupidity, it will actually cost me more per month to remove the FiOS TV service that I don't even use.

I'm getting more radicalized by the day. Nationalize the telcos and guillotine their CEOs/Boards!

@BeardmanSam my hope is Elon Musk’s WiFi via satellite will be cheap and ubiquitous and be a forcing environment to make the existing service providers not be so awful. That, or alien intervention. I’ll take either.

At a minimum, break up the local operations. These can either be municipalized or local regulated-monopoly businesses. But the current situation represents, to a first approximation, unregulated monopoly.

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