Tank complete! Going to need more stickers before I move on to other parts of the bike.

Finally started the sticker bomb on the SR400's gas tank. So of course it had to start raining. Maybe I should've done it yesterday, when the weather was nicer. But, then the odometer reading would be a fair bit lower. At least I got some progress in.

So I have these baller ass vintage chairs that my late mother gave me eons ago when I first moved out on my own. Among other things they need new feet. I could buy some.. But, water or pop bottle caps are a pefect fit and totally free!

New custom kitchen cabinets. Hand painted in oops paint and acrylics by my awesome artist of a wife.

New helmet arrived yesterday! Everyone keeps calling it an Evel Kneivel helmet. I think Super Dave Osborne is a bit more apropos given my track record.


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