Got the new wire loom on today. Plus more progress on the side cover fabrication. I'm thinking I'll tape out a dobbsicon and rattle can the aluminum black to create a nice effect. I'll black out the lower fork tubes, fenders, Sissy bar, crash bars, and headlamp chrome too.

@Prof_Trixie tangentially, your pinhead sticker there now has me envisioning a Hellraiser meets Zippy crossover... Now if only I had the talent and patience to photoshop up a comic or something..

@Prof_Trixie the smaller ones will be a big help. There's quite a few small areas that still need coverage.

A most excellent assortment of STICKERS!!!!1!!!!1!!eleventh!!!!!!!! From @Prof_Trixie arrived today. Now if it would only stop raining long enough for me to get out and apply them to the sticker bike.

@Emperor1 no friend. I bodge motorcycles into a vague semblance of fuctionality.

Did some cardboard aided design for a new side cover today. I've a sheet of light gauge diamond plate that'll be made into the final cover. Also finished off the rewire of the ignition circuit and touched up the chipped paint on the tank.

So much more to do, but slowly making progress.

Chicken leg quarters w/ Alabama white sauce cooked on a random mix of maple and crabapple wood. Damn I love cooking outside.

@Prof_Trixie I hear you. The house I grew up in appraises for around $250k. It hasn't been painted in 20 years, the porch is falling off, and there's a buried illegal dump across the street. Meanwhile I'm out in the 'economically depressed' western part of the state making more than I ever could back home. My morgage just got above $600/mo. On a house I bought almost 20 years ago.

City did just raise my taxes though. So it might be time to get another junk car or wrap half the house in tyvek.

@Prof_Trixie I grew up in Philmont, NY. Not too far out once you cross the Rip Van Winkle. Used to be an ok little town as small towns go. Now it's full of citiots.

@Prof_Trixie yeah, it's been almost 20 years since I lived down that way. Though I did take a motocamping trip in the Catskills last year. Wish I'd known about it then.

The art cats are out on Catskill! Does your town do anything like this? Seattle has giant pigs. I wonder if they still do those?

@Prof_Trixie WTF, how did I not know about this!? I grew up not too far from there. Just across the river really. When did they start?

Man I feel so out of the loop now.

That should be squash.... apparently my drinking is catching up to me.

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It's too nice to not cook/eat outside.
Clearance London broil, yellow squad, zucchini, avocado, and baby bellas. All cooked to deliciousness over wood.

@Easydor @Prof_Trixie

Mostly direct order of random sticker packs from China. There's a few random stickers that came with various ordered products. Plus the obligatory subgenius stickers, and a couple that Suzie the Floozy graced the bike with at the last live x-day I attended.

It's a rolling work of slack in constant evolution.

@Prof_Trixie sure. I'd be happy to put them in a place of (dis)honor on the sticker bike. I've got some leftovers I can send back in exchange as well.

@Prof_Trixie Stickers!

I like stickers. I mean who doesn't like stickers? Nobody I want to know, that's for damn sure.

@Rev_Von_Gravy if there's one thing I learned from creative writing classes, it's that pacing is important.

Whelp, got the new start button, killswitch and throttle mounted. Need to make another run out for spade connectors before I wire it all in though. Still waiting on a throttle cable to come in too. She will be running again by the weekend though!

Also got the saddle bag frames on. Judge my kindorf rail sissy bar all you want, but it works great. Got to move the tail lights so the bags fit well. But I'll get her there.


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