Got my

Time to step up my quarantine bender! Hookers* & blow here I come!

*Hookers of whiskey mind you. Gotta maintain social distancing.

Hey, @onan the stickers arrived! Good stuff, thanks. I'll get them into places of (dubious) honor on the bike as soon as I get a free day without rain.

@onan Nurgle is Love! Nurgle is Life! All Praise the Plaguefather with the Corpse of Death!

@onan you should be happy when sick. Disease is proof that Papa Nurgle loves you!

@Shitlord No, I'm saying I don't want to witness a bumpkin blumpkin. Participation on the other hand is mandatory.

@Shitlord I was referring to the alliterative coupling. Some combinations of words are best kept away from the search bar.

@Shitlord bumpkin or blumpkin? Or bumpkin blumpkin? I'm sure there's a rule 34 for this....

Now I'm afraid to go near google.. or pornhub...

@Shitlord Live in the right part of the country an Redneck Rampage is a non-virtual reality game.

Tank complete! Going to need more stickers before I move on to other parts of the bike.

Finally started the sticker bomb on the SR400's gas tank. So of course it had to start raining. Maybe I should've done it yesterday, when the weather was nicer. But, then the odometer reading would be a fair bit lower. At least I got some progress in.

Getting wine drunk and watching "阿木爷爷 Grandpa Amu" on YouTube

Just something mesmerizing about watching folks who've mastered a craft. Makes me feel like a total scrub. But in a good way.

@ReverendEntity No, I care that cigarettes are going to kill me. I consider it suicide on the installment plan.

Arguing with Verizon over renewing my FiOS service. They no longer offer service at the speed of my old plan. I literally have to pay more for faster service that I don't really need or cut speed to 1/2 of my current plan. To add to the stupidity, it will actually cost me more per month to remove the FiOS TV service that I don't even use.

I'm getting more radicalized by the day. Nationalize the telcos and guillotine their CEOs/Boards!

Happy Gluttony Day fellow mutants! May the drunken arguments with family you never see be fruitful.

So I have these baller ass vintage chairs that my late mother gave me eons ago when I first moved out on my own. Among other things they need new feet. I could buy some.. But, water or pop bottle caps are a pefect fit and totally free!

I have a hemorrhoid, help me!

I have decided to commemorate the event. I need a namesake for my latest symptom of The Old. To whom shall I give this dubious honor?

@Shitlord I dunno, do you have a personality?

Realtalk: those things are psuedoscience at best. So the question is, how bad do you want the job? They're pretty easy to game if you have an idea of what the tester is looking for. A little googling will tell you all you need to know.

On the plus side, the fact that they're using a personality test for anything other than entertainment purposes means they're probably gullible enough to hire you.

@Shitlord You get used to the imposter syndrome eventually. The best is when you reach the point where you can laugh at the suckers paying you a ludicrous amount of money relative to the miniscule amount of actual work you do.

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