Let me clear something up for you‘ns about the two very different kinds of Germanic/Scandinavian SubGenius phenotypes.

The Nordenyetti usually call themselves Trolls, while the Alpenyetti usually call themselves “Jotun” or “Thurs”.

Nordenyetti are commonly blonde and enjoy sailing, bizarrely pickled fish products, and raiding English monestarys.

Alpenyetti enjoy wrestling, bizarrely pickled vegetable products, and marching down the streets of Paris in the shade.

Next time on “Mutual of presents Yetti Kingdom”

The many fascinating differences between the subtypes of the Brythonic/Gaelic/Celtic Yettis.



I sincerely miss the delusion that one is Napoleon as shorthand for insanity.

And I miss shorthand.

@RevFanboy @onan @EddieRomanov
I remember having my transistor radio at my ear between my pillow, when that was introduced on WABC AM radio.

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