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I just woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, tripped over something on the floor, smacked my head against the wall and now I can't remember the recipe for ice cubes.

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Today's traffic report.
There are cars driving down the street.

I thought I heard a Mockingbird. Roosevelt knows where. skip the light with Grady Tuck on the nickel over there

Thanks to Uncle Onan and some of my other fine Subgenii family I now no where I'll be spending the last several hours here on this mud ball called Earth..
Grindhouse here I come

I guess I'm even below sub genius because I didn't read the fine print... I was supposed to email for the codes to get in and I mistakenly thought it was a Facebook group... Damn this autism 😂

How can it be that my feet are freezing but my pants are on backwards and I don't have a shirt on my head?

It was 30 years ago today that "Bob" taught Reverend Elvis how to pay.
It's my 30th anniversary today

The piano has been drinking alternate lyrics.
My toothbrush has been confiscated
My shoelace has married a french fry
The cactus has a whore in it
My Lobster has been laminated
My door knob is a typewriter
The Listerine has a horse fly in it
My turnip is a throat lozenge
My mustache is full of decoupage
My turkey baster wants a divorce
The piano has been drinking
Not Tuesday Weld

June 18th is coming soon!!
( Spoiler Alert.. It's my 30th Anniversary as a Subgenii)

I need to ask all of my fellow church members to keep my housemate Tim's phone in your thoughts. We believe that it may have demons dwelling within it and it is in dire need of an exorcism because the only news that is able to pop up on his phone on a regular basis is from Fox News

@ElvisMonroe Here's an early one for you...


Heck, here's a couple more...

:jrbd: :jrbd:

My 25th anniversary is coming up very soon. I will be accepting gifts, money, Dobbs heads and frop

Is there still any online Church Services for we Subgenii on Sunday night's??

Do they finally butcher and cook Arnold Ziffel?

@ElvisMonroe So, how bad is it? Are we talking "Still The Beaver" bad or "The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan's Island" bad?

If "Green Acres" is considered Bulldada and Badfilm is considered sacred and Made for TV reunion movies are considered by some to be some of the best examples of a Badfilm, then the movie that I am watching right now "Return to Green Acres" is a supreme gift from the all high Slackmaster and should be considered required viewing.

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