Well whenever I get into a real psychotic mood I like to lay back and watch a few John Waters movies!!

Isn't there some type of curse that goes along with a non member removing a sacred Dobbs head from a members door or other place that he or she has it? Especially when that dues-paying member happens to be someone as exalted as yours truly.

Jesus Christ!! I just found out there's another Reverend Elvis Monroe!! I'm pretty "Bob" Damned sure that I was the first!!

I just saw a bug crawling up the wall out of the corner of my eye... No wait, that was just my room mate

@ElvisMonroe Lucky number seven is just ahead of you now! And don't forget you can buy memberships for your friends and family. Also for your enemies, for ghosts, for fictional characters, for robot AIs that will exist in the distant future, etc. You get the idea!

:jrbd: subgenius.com

Barbie sure has an awful lot of shit for a girl whose knees doesn't bend.

@ElvisMonroe membership in the Church of the SubGenius is for life. But it’s never a bad idea to renew your fiscal faith in “Bob” by re-joining. That might solve your problem, or not. I state in public that Dobbs.town is proud to have the one and only original and true Reverend Elvis P. Monroe among us.


he's a Mini-Elvis. someone thought you might like a tiny minion to do tiny evils, the evils that you consider to be beneath you.

I am extremely confused. I went into my Yahoo mail to catch up on some of the scrub genius stuff when I discovered that there is another Reverend Elvis. I thought I was the only Reverend Elvis and that I picked out a unique name. I have been rev Elvis "P" Monroe (the P stands for polyester) since around 1995. (maybe earlier, Stang should know) but I guess there is another Reverend Elvis. Has my identity been stolen? Should I be afraid? And why is he sending messages to Connie?

Nothing on TV anymore....... Time to turn on OSI 74!!

I actually found a place in my hometown where they still sell Abba Zabba bars, Black Jack gum, candy cigarettes (in actual fake cigarette packs), Whatchamacallit candy bar, Goo Goo Cluster, Ale 6 soda, Neapolitan bars amongst other great retro stuff.

When I heard about the dark web for the first time I was expecting something to do with black spiders.

I still don't like them putting chemicals in the water to turn the freaking frogs gay!!

There is a lot of things that I hate but I have found that out of all the things that I hate, 99% of those things are things that I dislike as well.

I wish that they would bring back that one thing that I used to really like.

Oh I have no problem with what time it is, does anybody really know what day it is?

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