Is there a way to make the home column WIDER or BIGGER in Chrome browser?

@Filius_Null perhaps if you delete one of the existing columns. i can't remember how i added one, and i'm scared to touch the current setup in case it explodes.

@Nikolai_Kingsley Thanks I tried that and zooming in but it's all fuckey. Add to this site works but it's all white and stupid.

@Nikolai_Kingsley Oh, I added dark color to pinafore and it looks great. I can now browse dobbstown without my face pressed to the SCREEN.

@Filius_Null There's Pinafore, which you've already tried out. Sometimes you can trick a browser to display in mobile form, and that might look / function a little different. I'm glad you're here to give a once-over! Some things I think we're all stuck with for now, some things I'm trying to figure out how to customize more.

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