Guys - need some help. Wanna send Stang some stuff via mail, need to confirm his/ Church postal address. We know he’s moved house, so is it (as per the website) PO BOX 807, Glen Rose, TX 76043 ?
Tried emailing him but no reply.

Saw THE doco on the weekend - congrats to Rev.Stang & Co. It was hilarious, it was unflinching - and it even converted a friend of mine!!! Praise “Bob”!! (Hope it comes out on DVD, hint-hint, Stang...)

Issue 20 of my surreal collage comic series “The Micturating Angel” is now online at .
With issue 20 we wrap up Season 2. Fun fact: this issue has a cameo by “Bob”!!! (He’s not a good actor I’m afraid - no leading role...)

Starring GOD, and very NSFW, issue 19 of my surreal collage comic series is now online! Read it at


Hey folks!
I’ve got this surreal collage comic series called “The Micturating Angel”. It’s as loopy as your unmedicated Aunt Lucy, but way more fun. “Bob” makes a rare few cameo appearances- very few mind you. If interested, issue 18 is out now here: Enjoy!

from something i’m working on... (not necessarily subgenius, but not not-subgenius...)

okay... testing the phone app... this is “Bob” on my bookshelf...


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