As long as X-Day isn't "more music and Les Newsman"

@alexandria I remember reading the GNU Manifesto back in 1988

Just a general reminder, insulting proprietary software, is not a form of abuse.

Abuse is about a mixture of effect and intent, and it depends on the scenario and the types of harm that are caused to determine which of those are important.

Proprietary software, is itself harming people who are unable to pay for it, and in a deep way. I don’t think insulting proprietary software, which is by far the most dominant form of software, and the method of software creation that exploits and undermines free software efforts, can be meaningfully called a form of abuse. And I think people who are so attached to working on proprietary software that they get insulted by any insults towards it, should take a good long introspective period, and rethink their attachment to it and why they feel they need to protect that practice and facet of capitalism.

Thank you for reading.

I wish to thank @onan for the goodies in the mail which I found in my mailbox last night!

Chuck would chuck the woodchuck that would chuck wood

Tonight is the night
when the Superb Owl takes flight

Reverend Didelphimorphia of the Church of the SubGenius offers a dramatic interpretation of what X-Day will be like for all members of the Church, when the angelic host lift us up in glory in their so-called flying saucers. Won't you join us?


Some pictures I took earlier today. Other SubGeniuses like these, and you might, too.

For the fourth day in a row, the Buffalo airport is warmer than at LAX

"I dropped my sausage" has odd connotations when said somewhere other than a nursing home

There's no bot in the Fediverse that can measure the Slack of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. He gains in Slack and power every day. See how he does it at

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