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The Church of the SubGenius is not responsible for deletorious actions caused by exterior forces beyond the immediate control of this website, including but not limited to Acts of "Bob," conspiracy cancel-bots, local electrical fluctuations, User's equipmental shortcomings, or glitches caused by Users still lost inside the website.

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How well have you documented YOUR gizmo that looks like a pallete covered in switches?

I looked, and there before me was four horsepersons! Their riders were on the fleek, and throwing fire at all, the struggle was real. They were given power over a fourth of the trolls to kill the woke, and truly the world was salty. (Ecclesiatabob 9:11-16).

some dating site in England has been spamming usenet's talk.bizarre with poorly-written spam. We've been treating them as writing prompts.

@djsumdog @rain HC09s and HC12s are kind of a pain to program even in C! But for a lot of things that are possible at all on intermediate-size microcontrollers (like under 100K of Flash or PROMs) they're just as easy to do in C as they would be in Python.

Prices have fallen further; is about a supposedly 3¢ microcontroller, fabricated using obsolete equipment by a small Taiwanese startup that doesn't support C yet

Whenever "Bob" decides to quit vomiting up dandruff, er, snow, it's okay with me!

My hamberder brings all the milkshakes to the yard

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