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"I dropped my sausage" has odd connotations when said somewhere other than a nursing home

There's no bot in the Fediverse that can measure the Slack of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. He gains in Slack and power every day. See how he does it at

I used to be dull and boring. J.R. "Bob" Dobbs fixed all of that. Find out his secrets to success at

People stare at the same signs the've seen on the wall thousands of times before and never think to react. They stare at the same piles of trash, walk past the same hovels, and the same wretches... And all of them think a persistent little lie which comforts them.

"I don't know what to do, so I shouldn't do anything."

That's all it takes to turn people into slaves. There's no need to extort or force. Simply make it convenient.

Learn to think for yourself, we'll show you how. :jrbd:

The Church of the SubGenius: “To dull the pain of existence in a world without Slack.” Learn how to get back your Slack at:

I seem to have somehow stumbled into the Subgenius sector of the Fediverse.

My advice to myself 5 years ago:

- Believe in yourself more, you don't suck at this
- Get involved in the tech community, and find people like you in the industry
- Learn the languages and fundamentals in-depth instead of the libraries


Friendly reminder: don't drop your expensive pocket computer tied to a global communication system in the box of medical waste that can't be opened to get it back. That wouldn't be smart.

what happened to mastodon being a microblogging service

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