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**FOR SALE** I've got 5 DVD rewinders left worth $40 I'm selling at $10 each it would be a great Christmas present inbox me for more details

Slack Friday Sales Magick got me again. Meet Farrokhzad Habib, henceforth to be known as Dr. Habib. I may or may not assist him in posting to

I wonder what I'll ordain next year now that he's on the saucers and I'm all doktored up...

I have modestly changed the viewpoints of a few individuals on specific topics after extended private dialogue a few times. I've also failed to do even that, and more often failed than succeeded. This is how I know the value of my viewpoint on current events.

Therefore I resolutely hold fast to the timeless and unchanging TRUTH and VICTORY that is the Church of the SubGenius in my public discourse.



I've been a third generation Russian orthodox periwinkler my whole life. Can't stand those neo-froggists with their screwed up interpretation of the naturalistic doctrines. The sooner we nuke them all the better.


It'The whole "Is this a real cult or some kind of joke" thing is a false dichotomy. It's both!


One of the greatest gifts any of my teachers gave me was to tell me to start my own citations journal. Every time I came across some contentious issue and found my position supported, I should make note of the author, book, and page number, and especially where the other opinion is referenced and invalidated.

He told me that there will come a day faster than I know it, when someone will ask me a question, and when I answer I will be told “But so and so male scholar said something else…” but I will then be able to produce mounds of evidence on why I was correct.

He told me that this is all about the more important for women in this field, because we are too easy to discredit.

Live from Cancun ... Fergin' Friday! Ain't technology grand? Well, forget about that and shake your ass to the newest mashups, improbable covers, and Ferg's own secret projects ... and while you're listenting, tonight at 8 p.m.ish on SubGenius powered online radio,, scan for some X-istlessnessmess objects for gifting? How about some soap?


That's what very grave omens can do to you.

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