I am not a prolific poster here, but I thought I would warn you folks that I will be offline for at least a week. Tomorrow (Thursday) I go in hospital for a catheter ablation to try and correct an atrial flutter. They say it is a low risk procedure, but it involves at least one night stay in hospital, and a week of very restricted activity.

So in about 36 hours I will either be on the mend, or on the Saucers.

If it comes to the worst, my visit here has been fun & Slackful.

My Thanks.


@HMLivy Eh, you'll be fine. You have much more suffering to do according to the Illuminati.

@HMLivy if you have one unique idea in your head you haven't disseminated into the reality stream, then you can't die. I have my ace up my sleeve, see. I could have ended the world a long time ago, but I choose not to. So the world must suffer me. :jrbd:


Actually, I do. It's a series of five fantasy/adventure novels (about 750,000 words total). They exist in rough draft. I still need to rewrite, then look into an agent/publisher/whatever.

@HMLivy make sure you aim to impress upon the world your idea in a way they can't forget. Otherwise you're just wasting your breath.


Oh, heh. This should be strange enough to make an impression. Good or bad, but an impression.

@HMLivy May the Medical Conspiracy relieve you of the Atrial Flutter Conspiracy so that you can swiftly return to your duties in the Conspiracy against Conspiracies.

:jrbd: ⚕️

@HMLivy Best of luck to you. Drop a line when you're back. May BoB be with you!

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