Wife and I are doing a 40+ hour roadtrip soon. And we're needing some audiobooks. Shelly expressed interest in the old Asimov Foundation books (as she hadn't read them since high school), but I fear they're gonna be really dated now.

We've both read the Frank Herbert Dune books. Are any of those Brian Herbert sequels worth a listen?

And it doesn't have to be SF. Those old Ludlum and/or Cussler adventure series' are pretty fun. Anyone got a favorite that we haven't heard yet?

@johnhattan my podcast was made up of 15 minute episodes, totaling many hours. Some stand alone, some a series. Ppl say Scientology is the sci-fi religion but LDS was first, you might like “Undercover Mormon.” Unlike audio book, good natural breaks every 15 minutes. This link will forward to the files and transcripts…


@HMLivy @onan I read half of "Following the Equator" by Twain on a trip many moons ago. It's on LibriVox now, so we might finish that up.

@HMLivy @onan @johnhattan How about British comedy? Alan Partridge is a radio hero to me. It helps to have seen his other shows but not necessary.


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