Doktor Tokyo Grift and Reverend Forrest Gummo, The Weird Pussies

Our first single, "Love Theme from "Porn Dogs"."

BEYOND science, reason and orgasm! ABOVE the petty concerns of truth and morality! OUTSIDE of cause and consequence!

We tried to go to the Nutcracker Museum but they told us we didn’t have enough time to fully appreciate the nuances.

Remember: every ounce of joy you feel knowing crypto bros are going broke was supposed to be their joy at you begging them to let you onto Crypto Island. Your schadenfreude was SOLD TO THEM as rightfully theirs. Your potential pain was the selling point.

Secret Chief Outrider has proposed that new SubGenii be called CubGenii.

Charcuterie board? Nonsense! This is a shark uteri board. We have eight different kinds of shark uterus.

My very good friend, who I feel for and respect and like a lot, has just proposed creating a survey that women would have to take after a bad date to tell the guy what to improve.

Romance is dead, it was murdered in my lifetime, we're just a matter of time until arranged marriages come back in a big way.

Is it not a sin to make others commit a sin so you can pretend that you're holy?

Happy Nueve de Chupacabra to those who celebrate! Don't forget to light the menorah!

It's the same mindset that thinks a "Temple Recommend" can confuse God just enough to get you into Heaven.

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They'd love a very small, very short, easily bypassed list of things that are unforgiveable sins, so they can present a little laminated card saying they've not committed those sins.

Usually it's:

- Abortion
- Murder (but not in a "just war" or in "self defense" or fuck it let's just kill anybody who looks at us funny or just looks like we don't like!)
- Accepting welfare

And don't confuse my desire for privacy with introversion, you're just doing it again.

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You're going to have to meet people halfway. The yokels in the South and the jamokes in the Rust Belt don't know every conceivable inclusion merit badge phrase you drop. It's honestly just easier to avoid political/academic shibboleths entirely, you come off as deliberately dismissive.

But, of course, that's me, a low key, lazy person who would rather just get through the day and back home than advertise/telegraph literally anything about myself to strangers, you do you.

This is a download straight from Secret Chief Outrider to your eyeballs.

This is the greatest scene in motion picture history. This is a metaphor, this is a manifesto. This is what I try to achieve.

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