When the windows of perception are cleansed, you’ll see where milk, lemonade and fudge are made.

In the grim darkness of the year 40,000, there is only Slack.


If movies I’ve seen are accurate depictions, the craziest thing one could do is the flipping of a temporary hair appliance.

Halloween horror movie playlist compiled for my crap cinema friends:

- The Night Walker
- The Legend Of Hell House
- Haunted Mansion (so painful. So, so painful.)
- The House That Dripped Blood
- Witchery

Has anyone noticed that it’s not allowed to say anything bad about Bitcoin in earshot of a Bitcoin fanatic? They can’t just accept that some us choose to opt out of their libertarian utopia currency. I’ve had so many lectures about it from total strangers.

It’s really tragic that American currency is INFESTED with spider eggs, and they won’t send me a sample size large enough to research how to prevent this horrifying epidemic.

There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can’t unveil the Macroprosopus!!!

What if I told you...

...you’re not limited to imminentizing just one eschaton?


“Test this thing before you go on vacation.”

*five minutes later*

ME: “I can’t test this, I can’t even log in.”

*three hours later*

“So IT is telling me they don’t expect this to be testable until next week. Can you work on your vacation?”


Hooboy, the 1972 film production of Alice in Wonderland is on Amazon Prime. It is terrifying. Watch with an escape plan.

I love each and every one of my Thetans, thank you very much. Nancy is my favorite.

Our fathers are our patterns for God, and my father is a convicted con-man, used care salesman and prison minister.

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