Crypto-idealists: so you could have a concert ticket that couldn’t be resold for more than face value! Smart Contracts!

Me, an ancient: but can it be transferred for free? Because here’s my site where you pay me $300 and I transfer it to you for free. Or if it must always be resold for, say, $75–pay me $75 in smart contract and $225 in Visa that the smart contract never sees.

I’ve lived through DRM, kids. Humans will break your unbreakable thing 6 ways in a day.


@platypus There’s a fascinating line they’re walking here between “cripplingly aware of the sunk-cost fallacy” and “narcissistic assumption that I’ll be the smartest person in any scenario”. They know this is all dumb, but assuming EVERYONE ELSE will adhere to the rules that they themselves are eager to break is how we got here.

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