Stumbled across THIS gem last night.
Scrotal sucking.
Men inside elephant vaginas.
Elephant bukakke train.
Fist-bumping penises.
YES. From 2016.

"The first time I saw you standing in the water, you must have been all of a thousand feet tall
Nearly naked, unashamed like Herod's daughter; your love was so big it made New York look small
You've been the subject of so many dreams...since I climbed your torso...

Oh, my statue of liberty, boo-boo
Impaled on your hair, what do you do-do-do to me, boo-boo..."

Half-day, whadya say? Enjoyed a brief afternoon walk to the local park. Someone lost a soccer ball WAY up a maple tree. The 1 other human within an entire city block (w/his 2 children) just HAD to approach the waste receptacle at the same time as me. We made EYE CONTACT. It was awful. So I didn't even use the path but made a diagonal b-line (hyuck) across the park grass through a FIELD OF GROUND BEES. But it was totes worth it because I found this dope-ass light up pirate parrot.

Just got done looking at Zombie Love; 158 full-color pages of mind-blowing murals that German graf artist Won ABC did around the globe (see train post).
Also here's a video of part of my law office, The Inner Sanctum by Jeremy Harvey. Some of the highlights have been gone over in black light activated paint. It is an awesome place to watch movies on the big screen!

Me and Ajani. ♡ I have TWO WHOLE ENVELOPES to stuff this weekend! Thanks for the souper-cool enclosures, @onan @obfuscated You down for CD swaps?

"I and the public know,
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done,
Do evil in return.’

– W. H. Auden

Great-grandmother Ernst at Inverness Detroit. Prolly listening to Puzzling Evidence...

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