you may want to look up Bunny Huang's talk on microSD cards. particularly the part where he mentions that each one has a programmable microcontroller built in, that allocates storage, and these controllers can be hacked.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @thomasfuchs I did a deep dive on that topic a few months back. its crazy that theres a tiny RISC in there! they have JAVA apps running on them

@liaizon @thomasfuchs

it is! they're so tiny they bring back fond memories of learning 6502 assembler.

imagine if there were tiny ecologies of tiny tiny programs running down there, like aquariums full of digital fish.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @thomasfuchs it would be sick to make a tiny computer console that let you reprogram sim cards with tiny games and text files and then have an excuse to save up a collection. maybe one day have a micro record label that only releases 1bit music on microsims

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