how to animate ducks in blender, by Ian Hubert:

"Don't overthink it! They don't."

@Nikolai_Kingsley these are the BEST kinds of tutorials, they show the actual stuff you do - fast - while still being pleasantly interesting by forming the education through a narrative.

There was this awesome Photoshop tutorial years ago about a man who was being cheated on and each lesson was him becoming more and more angry and sad until he finally disappears into his own photoshop creation. I mean it wasn't great acting or story or anything, but it kept the lessons stuck in your head.


Ian Hubert is amazing. i've been a fan of "Dynamo" for several years, now, eagerly awaiting the next crumb of story:

"I Surrender! You can interrogate me... I have nothing to hide... I'm just lonely."

- Gage Mann, "Dynamo", episode 5

@Nikolai_Kingsley Never knew of it! Will instantly watch it and claim I've seen it for years before it was cool! ;)

Thank you!


the absolute best thing about Dynamo in my opinion is that it gives the impression of having volumes of lore behind it, but they give very little away with each episode. it's not exactly teasing, but it has the same effect.

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