Yall check this useful site you can use next time someone calls you "guy" and you want to slap them.


#neutrality #language #inclusivity


i just like referring to groups of people as HU-MAAAAAAANs. to remind them. in case they forget.

@Nikolai_Kingsley I think your missing the point. Or your trying to be a shitposter.

@liaizon @Nikolai_Kingsley In the UK, I'd say "guys" is gender neutral in actual usage for many/most people... But yeah... I too like (and use) "humans". It's the most inclusive/accurate term one could possibly use! Unless, my cat is part of the group I'm addressing, in which case I just use "meat wads".

@Flophouse_Sam @Nikolai_Kingsley the person your responding about was hyphenating hu-man, so it seems like they were pointing out the fact that the word human is also not very inclusive which it is not. In the UK I find the use of inclusive language even worse then the US.

@liaizon @Nikolai_Kingsley I'd love to know if that was the intention, because I didn't catch that at all. Just goes to show that no matter how great our attempts to improve social media, text based messaging across different cultural and linguistic contexts remains the digital equivalent of leaving passive aggressive post-it notes on a communal fridge.

@Flophouse_Sam @Nikolai_Kingsley if I am making a post about how important neutrality in gendered terms was and you responded #^%€%-MAN! I would make the assumption you didnt really care about my point very much


@liaizon @Flophouse_Sam

> I would make the assumption you didnt really care about my point very much

you would be wrong.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Flophouse_Sam glad to be wrong. I would argue human is not gender neutral either especially if you unnecessarily hyphenate it

@liaizon @Flophouse_Sam

how is human not gender-neutral?

and it's hyphenated because that's how aliens in fiction often pronounce it. the Ferengi, for example.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @Flophouse_Sam cause the word man is gendered in the archaic biblical Christian sense. Man is make in the image of god, god is a powerful white dude, woman was made with a rib of a man etc

@liaizon @Nikolai_Kingsley C'mon... Even if we accept that the etymological derivation of the word "human" evidences a patriarchal world view, its practical use now is as a synonym for the word "people" (regardless of sex or gender). If it is used at all, it is mainly to differentiate between species, which is why it is funny and instructive to use it in conversation in place of other options. Anyway, I'm going to go hang out with my meat wad now. Laters, y'all!

@liaizon @Flophouse_Sam

i reject the Judeo-Christian bias entirely.

how about "YOU DAMNED DIRTY APES"? that pretty much covers everyone.

@liaizon @Flophouse_Sam

> especially if you unnecessarily hyphenate it

the hyphenation was absolutely necessary. it's an intertextual reference to every SF alien who looked at humanity from the outside and saw things we can't:


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