There is currently a problem with the Object Storage from OVH that is used to serve media files for and this is affecting both loading uploading of media.

They are already working on it:

Sorry about this. Hopefully they fix the issue soon. I will post here when I know more.

The root cause of the problem is still not solved but for the past 5 minutes it has been working without a problem, slower but coming back.
I will keep monitoring the situation and update it here.

Just to confirm that the issue is fully fixed and everything has been back to normal for the past 3 hours.

Please let me know if you notice any problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



i love how these things happen and then get fixed faster than i can realise there is even something wrong 😄

@Nikolai_Kingsley Glad you didn't notice :)

This one was really strange because it failed randomly but it was some issue on OVH internal network, nothing I could really control.

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