@Nikolai_Kingsley 🔴 [Chara] oh to have Bob Dobbs looming up out of the 4 am darkness in the harsh strange light of sodium vapor, now that's an experience you can't capture in a photograph

@kel_the_purple @Nikolai_Kingsley I like that Bob Dobbs spontaneously came up in the household conversation later, quite without any prompting from us :frisk:

@mx_frisk_dreamer @kel_the_purple

He's "Bo-ob" 🎜
"Bob" don't ever change
He's "Bo-ob"
Always will be "Bob" 𝅗𝅥

Rev. @Nikolai_Kingsley has documented activities long approved and even condoned by the Church of the SubGenius.

:jrbd: subgenius.com


the fact that i place these at 4:00 am just means i want to avoid any unnecessary police interaction 🙄

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