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where was goku having to deal with the press constantly on his ass in dbz?

oolong trying to pass as goku might be the only time i've seen The Hammer in this series

damn, goku is getting the shit zapped out of him by this thunderstorm

seeing the lookout for the first time is awesome

if anyone is willing to make/knows of a transparent version, i'd be greatful if you made/linked it to me

so goku is gonna train in secret for three years without seeing any of his friends? damn, thats tough

with goku and the gang training in preparation for the tenkaichi budokai, its time to call it for the night. see you next time

this time, on dragon ball: goku does goku stuff

so kami has a teleporter he can use however he wants? damn

why did you put the crown on goku? you fucking fool

goku learning to dodge the lightning makes me think the road to ultra instinct is definitely not unearned

so not only does the lookout have the hyperbolic time chamber, it has a fucking time travel room

good to know the crane hermit and roshi have been enemies this whole time

is it just me or does mutaito's dojo look a lot like the tenkaichi budokai place?

goku's so strong they have to make him fight himself for an interesting fight during a stretch of episodes with little fighting

ok, but that fight was actually badass. it's cool to see goku getting stronger on the loookout. next time: more shenanigans


remember: when the creepy weird kid has a premonition about something terrible happening: it's probably nothing :)

thankfully it just seems like filler, but goku playing tag with popo is cool

holy shit, the volcano that this village built their whole religion around is erupting

lmao, i quit trying to follow along with the japanese audio being so far behind the show, but i still have the japanese subs on over the dub, and tien's motivation for saving the town is completely different

in the japanese version tien wants to save the town because if he can't even redirect the flow of the lava, how does he think he can beat goku, while in the dub he's just a nice guy :)

seems like tien wanting to beat goku in a fight is a much better reflection of his current state then him immediately being a cool dude but what do i know

dragon ball is a much better show when everyone is motivated by beating each others ass at first

i think by omitting the drive to beat a more powerful opponent from certain characters really helps undersell their transformation into good people: this is literally the core of vegeta's character and central to why so many people love him. he's not softened by goku because goku's just that good a dude: by wanting to surpass goku he eventually learns that part of what makes goku so strong is the way he interacts with the world around him and treats other people, and so by learning from that vegeta also becomes a better person in trying to surpass goku

to put it in a more pithy way: vegeta's desire to surpass goku is what makes vegeta a better dad than goku

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