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remember: when the creepy weird kid has a premonition about something terrible happening: it's probably nothing :)

thankfully it just seems like filler, but goku playing tag with popo is cool

holy shit, the volcano that this village built their whole religion around is erupting

lmao, i quit trying to follow along with the japanese audio being so far behind the show, but i still have the japanese subs on over the dub, and tien's motivation for saving the town is completely different

in the japanese version tien wants to save the town because if he can't even redirect the flow of the lava, how does he think he can beat goku, while in the dub he's just a nice guy :)

seems like tien wanting to beat goku in a fight is a much better reflection of his current state then him immediately being a cool dude but what do i know

dragon ball is a much better show when everyone is motivated by beating each others ass at first

i think by omitting the drive to beat a more powerful opponent from certain characters really helps undersell their transformation into good people: this is literally the core of vegeta's character and central to why so many people love him. he's not softened by goku because goku's just that good a dude: by wanting to surpass goku he eventually learns that part of what makes goku so strong is the way he interacts with the world around him and treats other people, and so by learning from that vegeta also becomes a better person in trying to surpass goku

to put it in a more pithy way: vegeta's desire to surpass goku is what makes vegeta a better dad than goku

yeah good ideas guys, blast the magma with energy beams. works like a charm

that was a nice conclusion to see them all combine their strength to beat the magma like that

i'm actually really excited for this. it's the last arc of dragon ball so it's bound to be super good and tie up all the loose ends so far. hoping for a satisfying conclusion to a fuckin great show

tenkaichi bootykai, the best booty under heaven

strap in, its the hottest tournament arc yet. we got:
adult goku
and yamcha

it's been three years since king piccolo died, and we haven't really seen much of goku and pals since leaving them in their training just after piccolo died. so it'll be cool to see how everyone's grown up

the title cards for the budokai episodes are always so badass. i love it

really didn't need to see roshi thirsting over bulma

seeing goku all grown up for the first time is incredible. my beautiful baby boy 😭

damn, the first appearance of grown up piccolo is terrifying

goku vs tenshinhan rematch is gonna be awesome. same with goku vs piccolo

"we were just talking about how strong [piccolo] looks!" yeah good lie tenshinhan

damn poor chi chi, getting forgotten by her future husband

wow, tournament enrollment is actually down this time

having chaozu there to fix the numbers is a really great writing decision. easy explanation as to why everyone is in different blocks

so the main tournament participants after the qualifier will probably be: goku, tenshinhan, piccolo, tao, yajirobe, and chi chi. thats my guess

maybe krillin instead of yajirobe or chi chi, idk

this episode is called the chosen eight, so we'll see if my predictions come true

goku, ten, krillin, yamcha, piccolo, tao pai pai, chi chi, and... some rando??? really thought yajirobe couldamade it

oh my god, these matchups are gonna be so good
tao vs tenshinhan
goku vs chi chi
krillin vs piccolo
and that random guy vs yamcha



> goku vs chi chi

"... have just been informed that the orange-clad hillbilly BEATS HIS WIFE!"

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