If there is such a thing as must-see for SubGenie, this is it. Dr. Hal!



"Dear Dr Hal - are you accepting commissions for spoken-word work, and how much would you need to read "Eyelash" into a digital recorder? Please don't hold back, because i am relatively well cashed up at the moment."

@HMLivy @Nikolai_Kingsley @BillPosaune and I second second that. Can I do that? How much do you want? Take my money.

@Prof_Trixie @HMLivy @Nikolai_Kingsley @BillPosaune Amen and Amen! I have read the book, but to hear it with the beautiful voice of Dr Hal would put a whole new perspective on it.

How much? Crowdfunding is a great idea. I would contribute to that for sure.

@herag @Prof_Trixie @HMLivy @BillPosaune

Crowdfunding? what an odd notion. it's just crazy enough to work! it'd be nice to sling some cash Dr Hal's way, but it'd be cool to drive a dump-truck full of money to his place.

@herag @Nikolai_Kingsley @Prof_Trixie @BillPosaune
Crowdfunding is a great idea! C'mon folks, let's make this happen (assuming Dr. Hal is willing, of course).

@HMLivy that's why the question should be asked. i can't guarantee being free to take part in the show myself. 😔

@Prof_Trixie @herag @HMLivy @BillPosaune

my best estimate tells me it'd need about eight and a half hours of spoken word. and someone to record, edit and arrange to distribute it. and get a pic of Dr Hal for the cover.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @BillPosaune although I still wish for a copy of Neighborworld, as performed by Lonesome Cowboy Dave to Ivan Stang over the phone.

Harry Scifress Robins via FB messenger. If that doesn’t work I can give you Dr Hal’s phone number. I know hes away for a few days. I am pretty certain he would be interested in doing audio.

Sorry for lateness f reply haven’t been to Dobbs.Town for a few days

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