mfw slashdot gives me 15 moderator points and i use them all within two minutes

when someone on slashdot says Dungeon Keeper was a tower defense game

whoa, hold up there. a short car could get its headlights poked out.

if my brain was as small as a Koala's, i could probably sleep this peacefully too.

so. if i was editing a document in OpenOffice with a view to turning it into a .epub at some point, i probably shouldn't bother with an index that uses page numbers, right? because those numbers won't survive the transition, and anyway the trend today is to use hyperlinks within the document to get to different chapters, right?

hot take 

Chicken of the month, November 2019

> that's a pretty buff Orpington

> buys an SE70
> a week later, still hasn't plugged it in

i don't even think there's a word for this particular brand of derangement.

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