they sent me a picture of Jesus! ... but why is he casting the Excellent Prismatic Spray spell?

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i've searched through all of my Burroughs collection but i can't find that routine that begins with "A drastic simplification of US law throws thousands of police out of work..." and goes on to describe them hiding in the paper towel receptacles in public toilets, spying on people and circumventing attempts to foil the pay toilet mechanisms...

okay, i know Alfred Jarry's work was elliptical, but good god, youtube autotranslate subtitles, get your act together.

attn @onan

"Eyelash" proof has arrived! reading now. classy Latinate introduction by Rev. Stang...

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."

wait a minute

still flashing back on that dream this morning where i fell about a thousand blocks into a minecraft map and there was a Zerg Sunken Colony at bedrock. it was friendly, and i was hugging one of the tentacles and feeding it choc-coated icecream.

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