A fantastic BUSINESS opportunity, one that GUARANTEES you a STEADY SUPPLY of repeat customers who will PAY ANYTHING!

Friends! A great day! The SCOTUS has finally ruled that public schools cannot forbid our dues-paying reverend faculty from leading their students in prayer! THE WORD OF DOBBS SHALL RING OUT ACROSS THE LAND UNFETTERED! We shall WASH and PRESS and STARCH ~ALL~ of the brains!

and now, two-- COUNT 'EM, TWO-- sizes for the 2003 July 12 London devival! Covered in Hour of Slack.... uh... 894?

Also, I hope that a tape revival actually starts happening.

I want affordable reel-to-reel decks.

I want new type IV cassettes with Dolby S.

If we're going analog, why don't go for the best possible analog?

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DON'T TELL ME "justice isn't a natural concept and it doesn't exist in nature and that's why we can't have it" DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE DIDNT EXIST IN NATURE? AMERICIUM. NOW ITS IN EVERY SMOKE DETECTOR ON THE PLANET. WE CAN MAKE WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT.

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