According to Reddit, people in Philadelphia are getting this flyer put in their mailboxes all over town.

I am on now with NCN's Audio Webcast: Cynical Love Songs Post-Valentine's Day Marathon use to tune in!

Phinny is playing an Audio Webcast: Cynical Love Songs Post-Valentine's Day Marathon all day Sunday! Starting at 2:30pm PACIFIC!

Use to tune in and hear!

A celebration for the rest of us!

Love-oriented all-day cynical Valentine's Day programming at in order to tune in and hear Love Songs for Single People etc. Thanks!

Webcast on February 10th, 2019: This is mostly songs and compositions about and for winter time and cold weather (including a few Christmas ones). A companion piece to our program HEAT. We seek, in this program, to create an entertaining and informative psychedelic mix which compellingly captures the bracing bucolic beauty and melancholic wistfulness of this ending time of year. Now streamable at Mixcloud on demand:

National Cynical Network Sunday Plundercast Webcast pre-show 'Heat' .

The final cut of the new companion show 'Cold' starts at 10pm EASTERN.

Use in order to hear. Thanks! Enjoy!

Thursday Plundercast on The National Cynical Network. Psychedelic. Experimental. Humorous. Free SubGenius programming. On now.

Use to tune in. .

New show! "Cold" is coming up at 10pm EASTERN.

Now Streaming NCN Sunday Plundercast pre-show programming.

Psychedelic Experimental SubGenius Collage show Now Playing!

Use to hear. Thanks!

Now Streaming Thursday Night Plundercast. Now Playing material about cold weather. Not sure what we'll play tonight. Find out by listening in at Going on now. Psychedelic. Experimental. Collage. Free! Enjoy.

I am streaming Sunday Plundercast pre-show use to hear. Thanks. On now. With so much talk about 'The Wall' we are thinking of running 'Best Bricks' our special 'Pink Floyd --The Wall' remix show at 10pm Eastern.

the NCN Thursday Night Plundercast starting now with 'Driving' and heading into 'The Eckhart Tolle Remix' by 10pm EASTERN. Enjoy tonight's FREE remixed psychedelic programming! Use to hear! Thanks.

We are finishing up our Moon show. Stay tuned to for the after-party and some extra 'moon' songs. Thanks for listening to our Latent Einstein Outreach Ministry this Sunday.

We are Now Streaming Sunday night Plundercast pre-show starting now.

Use to tune in and hear. Thanks.

Main show is on at 10pm Eastern right after Hour of Slack (time-wise) but not sure what we will play at that time. Mystery show.

Soup's on! Now streaming Thursday Night Plundercast use to tune in and hear. Now playing.

Five years in the making, this is the final form of a psychedelic 3-hour collage show breaking down government shutdowns.

For entropy fans, this program was originally made about the 2013 shutdown under Obama (thus the cover picture of a crying John Boehner). It includes material about shutdowns in the Trump era, as well as some departure material.

Webcast last nite!

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