Show is in full swing right now to over a dozen listeners... if we get more we may go on with an after-show. to join us.

Do you realize that The 80s are as far away now as the 40s was back in 1980. lol the 80's are the new 40's. The circle is now complete. We have become our parents. Nowadays, Assistant Principal Mr. Vernon IS in a home and requires constant care. And he's a Trump supporter. :P

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NCN is on the air! our own FREE audio mix of obscure, , psychedelic, experimental bulldada for your eardrums! our Latent Einstein Outreach Ministry at join us as we go Back to the 80's! 'til 10pm PACIFIC. Enjoy!

NCN is on the air! our own brand of obscure, Experimental, , psychedelic audio bulldada at this will be today's only notice because my hands are shaking too much due to illness. Enjoy.

NCN is on the air! the pre-show for our 9-hour Post- Cynical Love Marathon Special starting around 1pm PACIFIC and going til 10pm. at tune in any time today

NCN is on the air! the Thursday Show which is our own brand of novelty, , 'Love Songs for Single People' Cynical Pre- Audio Goodies for the Rest of Us! our twisted romantic programming at Enjoy!

The latest NCN show is now available online:

Webcast 2/9/2020: a sequel to 'Memories of Nixon' about Donald Trump's impeachment trial. This further developed installment tells the rest of the story (so far) with an extensive core-sampling of the media fallout, both humorous and serious, the obligatory comparisons to the Nixon impeachment in the early 70s, relevant songs and remixes and many supercut digital de-constructions. A 3-hour mix.

NCN is on the air! our own brand of FREE psychedelic audio bulldada. the pre-show at for tonight's NEW mix, the final cut of 'Memories of Nixon 2 (The Strikes Back)' starting at 7pm PACIFIC! Enjoy!

The National Cynical Network is our FREE remixed psychedelic collage political comedy audio webcast main program.

Our NEW mix 'Memories of Nixon 2 (The Strikes Back)' starts momentarily!

Use to hear. Enjoy!

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NCN is now on the air! pre-show for our FREE remixed psychedelic audio webcast. We will play related comedy material. 7pm PACIFIC: NEW mix 'Memories of Nixon 2 (The Strikes Back)' use to hear.

Coming on the NCN audio webcast stream this Thursday and Sunday 10pm-1am EASTERN at our new program:

'Memories of Nixon 2 (The Impeachment Strikes Back)'

A NEW 3-hour Mix!

Details and RSVP at

Right-wing conservative butt-head Rush Limbaugh on track to assume room temperature soon:

Our mini-MegaMix (feat. Scumbag Bastard) from the NCN program, 'Right Wing Radio Hell' still available:

And the incredible piece by WXXM called 'I'm a Nazi' using all Rush edits/samples for vocals:

There is a crack in the wood of my front door which was caused by the 1989 Loma Prieta Quake. Other people might complain about it and want it replaced but I kind of like it because I can look at it from my bed and be able to see if anyone is outside my door by the light flickering through it. It's not a bug it's a feature.

NCN is Now on the Air!

our special pre-show: 'The Media Roundup' starting momentarily.

With 'Pigs' coming on at 7pm PACIFIC.

Feel free to join us for our remixed psychedelic FREE programming!


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Tonight on NCN we explore 'Pigs'... from yesteryear's version of : 'The Swine Flu' to political scandal to variations on the old saw, join us from 7pm to 10pm PACIFIC tonight at for our 3-hour psychedelic collage mix. RSVP at Facebook Events at

NCN is on the air! our own brand of , obscure, re-mixed, mashed-up, Experimental, psychedelic audio goodies for you! the Thurs. Night show at join us for our FREE audio webcast on now! Enjoy.

For all you early Genesis fans out there... looks like somebody has completely animated Lamb Lies Down...

On now: This is an edited digest of 's 'A Big 10-8 Place' made by Richard Lindsay of of Portland and then modified by me with some and samples from our program 'Confusions'.

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NCN is on the air! our own brand of Experimental, psychedelic, , obscure comedy and music for your eardrums! pre-show at with NEW mix program coming up at 7pm PACIFIC! Enjoy.

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Just a short taste of what we'll have on the show tonight (Sunday) pieces like this version of 'The Penis Song' from The Meaning of Life performed live by The Royal Navy. Who knew it had extra verses? We found out for you. Hope you can join us.

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