NCN Sunday (1/24): 'Draining the Swamp'

(4:20pm - Midnight PACIFIC)

Get your schadenfreude on, microwave the popcorn, and turn on NCN Sunday as we examine the 2021 Inauguration, Biden's challenges, Trump's end, the political fallout from Jan. 6th, the impeachment, Presidential pardons, the President NOT being pardoned, Twitter shutdown reactions, and many excellent songs about recent current events which you probably haven't heard.


We are On!

The National Cynical Network is End Times Radio!

Breaking it All Down For You! Our Post-Inauguration Coverage Continues!

Including Material From Our Inauguration Day 2017 Show!

On NOW! Use in order to hear.

until Midnight Tonight (PACIFIC TIME)


New Album by The National Cynical Network: 'You're Fired!' Out Now!

On January 20th, 2021, we woke up to good news. We had to put this together very quickly to get this out in a timely fashion.

We put this together through happy tears. It is our Inauguration Day gift to America and to the world.

Fuck and everything he ever stood for.

Goddamn him and his twisted, idiotic legacy all to hell.

"Pride goeth before a fall" --Proverbs, 16:18

Full info:

Heads Up! New Special Inauguration Day Album Being Posted to Bandcamp in exactly 30 minutes! Stay tuned!

Biden actually said in the debates that he was scared we would see 400,000 dead by February of this year. Well guess what? We just hit 400,000. Nearly half a million. While Emperor Nero frets about his twitter feed and how he is going to be able to pardon himself.

But, hey! Look at the bright side! At least we got a half-built wall on the southern border out of it right? That's pretty good! That's winning right? We're great again now aren't we?

"Art of the Deal, baby."

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The creator of this program is attempting to artistically capture, comment upon, and document a moment in history right as it is unfolding, as well as the disquieting and alarming spirit in which it is doing so.

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New NCN Album, 'Agent of Chaos' just fucking dropped, bitches.

Have at it.

No explanation of what this album is about is necessary. You all know what it is about.

But it is our very humble belief that this is quite possibly the most significant work that we have created since starting The National Cynical Network in the year 2000.

The riot set in a bit. It's intense AF. As it should be. Fasten your safety belts and your headphones cuz you're headed straight into the heart of it.

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The Secretary surreptitiously taped the hour-long call and released it much to Trump's displeasure and it became much fodder for comedians. First time this final cut of this sequence has been aired. Major LULz Coming up soon on the stream as we get into the (new) 2021 era stuff. Now,, the show really starts to get quite interesting. New material / mix about Jan. 2021 events starting now.


Extremely funny montage of comedians and musicians goofing on the Jan. 2nd phone call Trump made to Georgia Secretary of State asking him if he could 'find' 11k+ votes for him to flip the state, post-election in Trump's favor.

If somebody could do that for me I would be very grateful. There's probably someone or multiple people here who can probably do it in two minutes.

If you are going to do it just reply in the comments with 'Got it.' or PM me and let me know and I'll delete this so multiple people don't wind up doing it. I can give you credit in the show's listing(s) if you wish.

Thanks so much.

Very simply I need it as same size, same format, same resolution, make sure of that but I need the colors inverted, so it has a 'negative' white for black, black for white, which is simple, but I need the Nike 'swoosh' underneath reversed and taking up the exact same space and leaving the same space left end to right end but facing the exact opposite way. With obviously the word NOT reversed. (cont.)

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Your Special SubGenius Photoshop Assignment (Should You Choose To Accept It):

I am sort of farming this out to people who may want to help me for whoever out there who has skills because I don't. I could probably figure it out with GIMP but it would take me hours and hours and hours and hours and I would be pulling my hair out and I need those hours and that capacity to work for this show which I will be up all night working on until it airs tomorrow. But I need this graphic. (cont.)

The National Cynical Network offers its latest political comedy mix in the hopes that the medicine of laughter helps heal the 'Post-TrumpMatic Stress Disorder' that so many of us are feeling at this time.


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