Plundercast pre-show.

In an hour from now we are starting our 5hr 'Pre Money Mania Special' which will play from 5pm to 10pm PACIFIC.

Music, mixes and pieces about taxes and money.


Oh man now Taphouse is down as well as my Plundercast stream server. Errything going down today!

Facebook just went down while I was promoting tonight's show. I think I crashed it. :/

the Holy Thursday Night Plundercast for NCN.

Tonight's program is 'Beyond the Event Horizon' all about Stephen Hawking and starting at 10pm EASTERN.

psychedelic, eclectic and programming use to hear.

Phinny is starting the sacred Sunday Night Plundercast webcast on The National Cynical Network.

Use in order to tune into tonight's remixed eclectic programming!

Can you guess the theme of tonight's program (coming up...)

Phinny is getting the Thursday Night Plundercast on. The National Cynical Network is now webcasting at Listen to our free psychedelic, experimental, programming. Starting now.

Phinny is getting the holy Sunday Plundercast on, on The National Cynical Network, going on now.

Feel free to tune in at

Psychedelic. Weird. Remixed. SubGenius all-free programming. On now. Enjoy.

Thursday Night Plundercast pre-show starting now! Tune in to our free psychedelic and different programming by using in order to tune in and hear! Thanks!

Now streaming Sunday Night Plundercast for The National Cynical Network use in order to tune in and hear. 'NegatiVariations' on at 10pm EASTERN.

Rare footage of Devo on Top Of The Pops in 1978 has surfaced. This lip sync performance was filmed by the BBC, but never aired. It was believed to be lost, but here it is.

Last night's sprawling 4-hr. music and phone prank mix, 'The 'Best' of Ambient Phone Trolls' is available on . Note--this program is very funny but contains strong language and may be NSFW. Listener Discretion Advised:

We will play it again at the end of the webcast tonight.'

Just found out about this woah just a couple of hours ago on the program we played a recording of Longmont Potion Castle making a prank phone call to him--cosmic coincidence. Tune into our prescient streaming webcast.

I am starting Sunday Plundercast programming use to tune in. pre-show. Tune in for NCN Sunday: The Not Necessarily Related to St. Patrick's Day Show!

The crucifix is really Rome's way of saying to people "This is what we did to the last guy who said he was God, so you just watch yourself!" Fight me!

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