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Part of the 'Origin Story' portion of 'Apocalypse ' program at is a NEW never-before-heard mix which tells the tragic story of the death of Trump's alcoholic brother and remixes 'The Happiest Days of Our Lives' by which is partly about Trump's military school years, but contains a shocking and unexpected TWIST that listeners will not want to miss.

This mix commences NOW.

Use in order to hear.

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NCN Sunday, June 13th: 'Apocalypse Trump!' (with Special Guest J-L Cauvin) 12pm-12am PACIFIC!

A Psychedelic MetaMedia Collage Mix Telling the Whole Saga To Date and Beyond!

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'Do People Trying to QUIT Qanon Have to THEN Go JOIN Qanon-ANON?' by Phineas Narco

Very proud of this, completed today.

Some of the best writing I have ever done (IMHO) and some of it they actually teach at Universities FWIW.

But a very long read.


On The National Cynical Network, Sunday, June 13th:

'Apocalypse Trump!'

(with Special Guest J-L Cauvin)

12pm-12am PACIFIC!

A Musical Serio-Comic Psychedelic Marathon MetaMedia Audio Collage Mix Telling the Whole Trump Saga To Date and Beyond.

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At 3am PACIFIC, NCN will stream a very special late night preview of an upcoming major project.

It will run several hours and is all about the or .

Never heard before.

It is called 'January 6th, 2021'. to hear.

The National Cynical Network will go on webcasting our program tonight until we are done.

Nightowls, feel free to join us at as we drive this Mighty Wurlitzer into the night. Thanks.

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NCN Sunday Webcast is Happening NOW Until 12am PACIFIC!

NCN Sunday Webcast is Happening NOW Until 12am PACIFIC!

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Radio Programming For The End Times!

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NCN is 'The Impending Karma Show'

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We will run LATE as usual. It will be worth it. Promise.


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The National Cynical Network is still current and News, as well as related Music, Audio Art and Comedy!

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Just Free-Styling it Tonight!

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Will Play Some New Mixes.

Radio Programming For The End Times!

Until Midnight PACIFIC!

I mean.... I'm glad that so many people are happy that they got something like $500 or so back on their taxes under Trump and everything, but over half a million people are dead and the country is in ruins. Was it really worth it? I guess you get what you pay for.

That's why we elect a fucking nightmare psychopathic MONSTER as a leader because he's ON TELEVISION he got the most AIR TIME he's a REALITY-TV STAR. So we can't fucken help ourselves anymore.

'He's on the TV, so he MUST be REAL."

That's how we think now.

Wasn't that the big SELLING POINT? With TRUMP? Back in 2016?

How "REEEEAAALLL" he was?


Sometimes I really wonder if it's even worth saving.

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Is it because the half a million plus people didn't die horribly LIVE ON TELEVISION? Is that it?

That's it isn't it? THAT'S the DIFF isn't it? Let's just put our fingers right the FUCK ON IT. Let's do that.

Cuz that's where we ARE as a culture now isn't it? Or should I say "culture".

Because it's gotta be ON TELEVISION in order for it to be REAL to us anymore.

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If we feel any kind of outrage toward the people responsible, oh what the hell just zone out in front of CNN for awhile until that feeling goes away.


I guess I just don't get it man, I don't get it at all. Maybe it's because i try to apply actual fucken LOGIC. i must be an idiot. I am 'SANE MAN'. I have become SANE MAN. And I am maladjusted to this world. I don't even think I want to become adjusted to it because it doesn't make any sense to me. No sir.

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And yet the shit this guy did to the whole country? Fucken DWARFS 9/11. Are you fucking kidding me?? In terms of damage? In terms of dollars? In terms of LIVES? In terms of damaging the integrity of our international reputation and credibility on the on the world stage?? And this was YESTERDAY for fuck's sake.

And yet we're all just supposed to shine it on... we're all just supposed to 'get over it' and just let bygones be bygones and 'get on with our lives' cuz 'everybody's sick of it'.

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