I really couldn't care less if The Little Mermaid is white, black, brown, yellow, green, purple, chartreuse, magenta, teal, sandalwood, burnt sienna, fuchsia.... hold on let me get my crayons....


to satisfy everyone she should flash through the entire range of colors you described several times a second.

maybe the effect would be like Brion Gysin's stroboscopic "dream machine", woo woo

@Phinny @Nikolai_Kingsley

The paleface kept turning colors, the way people do when you're on peyote. Now he looked almost
like an Indian. That made it easier to talk to him.

Why shouldn't people turn colors? All the trouble in world came from the fact that they usually
stayed the same color.

If whites and blacks and Indians were turning colors all the time, there wouldn't be any hate in the
world, because nobody would know which people to hate.

-The Illuminatus Trilogy

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