NCN Sunday (March 29th) @7pm PACIFIC:

NEW 3hr. Mix, 'Songs From The Quarantine', Special End Times Program Showcases -Era Musical Comedy and Audio Art.

I do believe that this is one of the best shows that I have done since I started putting them together in 2003.

If you want to hear something magical tune in Sunday at 7pm PACIFIC or earlier to hear this refined core-sampling of what's going on right now.

NCN is on the air! our FREE audio webcast of timely and topical programming for The End Times! 'Songs From The Quarantine' (NEW Mix! 3hrs.) starts momentarily! at Thanks!

NCN This Week: "Songs From The Quarantine" (7pm-10pm PACIFIC, Thursday and Sunday)


@onan You're tellin me! I used to piss like a racehorse!

For those of you stuck at home, head's up: I tried to Doordash Togo's and Doordash ate my money: 'you'll get the refund back in about a week'.

Gotta be careful with what you order through Doordash now, like call the restaurant first to make sure that they're open. I don't think their site was set up for pandemics.

Holy shit man I think the economy is a total wreck and they're chopping it up for firewood. There are killer microbes on the loose, everybody is fucked, and evil insane idiots are in charge of everything. It's like 'The Thing' meets '1984' meets 'The Stand' and I can't urinate! WHO WANTS PIE?? :P

Yesterday's program on The National Cynical Network had about 20 listeners. Our very timely show, 'The Titanic Megamix' is up at to stream at your leisure in case you missed it:

NCN is on the air! our own FREE audio webcast of timely and topical remixed programming for The End Times!

'The Titanic Megamix' at 8pm PACIFIC! with related material in the pre-show happening now

at Thanks!

Onion article I would like to soon see:

'Local OCD-Suffering Germaphobe Shut-In Feels Like Normal Part of Society For First Time in Life'.

I mean, they HAVE to write THAT. :P

NCN is on the air! our own FREE audio webcast of obscure, , remixed, mashed-up, psychedelic goodness! at feel free to tune in to our webcast anytime tonight before 10pm PACIFIC tonight! Thanks!

From last Sunday, now up at our new -oriented serio-comic mix all about or and H1N1, the last major pandemic in recent memory. May be NSFW (like any of you are at work). A 3-hour mix. Enjoy.

Here you go, Bon Apetit' - for SubGenius fans only right now... I'll have it on the other sites and more widely distributed/promoted by tomorrow probably:

NCN is NOW on the AIR! We are the pre-show for tonight's soiree on our psychedelic remixed audio webcast! : Divorce and Truck themes, Midnight Voicejail and our special NEW! mix at 8pm PACIFIC!

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I spent all night working on and completing the show. I think that it's one of the best I've ever created (imho). I had tears streaming down my face while putting this together. That's always a good sign. I hope you can all tune in and listen or catch it when I put it up next week. I would be honored.

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Coming this Sunday on The National Cynical Network: 'If Pigs Could Fly v2.0 (The Corona Version)'

Sunday, March 15th, 2020, 8pm-11pm PACIFIC

The tale of the (so far) as told in our psychedelic, experimental, , remixed and mashed-up stream-of-consciousness collage format. Join us for our unique mix, and an entertaining look, at pandemics in general and in particular the one we now all face.

If you're on Facebook you can RSVP and get more info at:

Gooood. I hope they all get really really close together too and touch and share personal breathing space. Most of these idiots are probably anti-vaxxers too and rely on 'faith-healing' and that stupid snake-oil shit like Jim Bakker is trying to sell so they should be stone cold dead within a few years. This is the best news I've heard all day.

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