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The other week fairly late at night this troll comes into on IRC and complains about the channel being dead you know how they do... so I say "Well I guess some people just complain that the boat isn't moving and other people help row. I guess we know what kind you are" and I guess my rebuke shamed him so thoroughly he came back later and apologized to everyone with frowny face and left for good.

It kind of works... but it helps that Arnold and Stallone's on-screen personas are both about equally wooden and lifeless. Both actors have about all the range of a Daisy air rifle. So when they play robots, it's convincing. But let's see the scene with Jerry Lewis:

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I really couldn't care less if The Little Mermaid is white, black, brown, yellow, green, purple, chartreuse, magenta, teal, sandalwood, burnt sienna, fuchsia.... hold on let me get my crayons....

Ever notice the parallels:

Luke is Dorothy, C-3PO is the tin man, Chewbacca is the cowardly lion, Han Solo is the scarecrow, R2-D2 is Toto, Ben Kenobi is The Wizard, Darth Vader is the Wicked Witch of the West, The Force is Glenda and the stormtroopers are the flying monkeys.

And somehow everything syncs up perfectly to Pink Floyd.

My work here is done.

The voicemail quake actualities from tonight's program were derived from our Midnight Voicejail episode 'The Quake' available here:

And one of our slightly remixed 'Best of' versions from the series 'The Vomit at the End of the World' which is here:

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the NCN webcast pre-show (a little bit early) our brand of eclectic, obscure, experimental, psychedelic, goodies for your little eardrums. Use tonight is all about earthquakes starting around 9pm EASTERN. Enjoy.

NCN will play The Topical Earthquake Show tomorrow (Sunday July 7th, 2019) from 10pm to 2am with optional pre-show starting an hour before listed showtimes.

With clips from our series 'Midnight Voicejail' featuring real-life voicemail messages made right after the 1989 Loma Prieta 7.1 earthquake (same size as California's most recent one) featuring the voices of Joe Sledgehammer, Ronald Redball and Al Newport and some other related goodies.

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the NCN Thursday Night Plundercast webcast.

our brand of obscure, eclectic, remixed, psychedelic experimental musical comedy programming.

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We are having technical problems with Winamp which we can't fix so we are not going to be able to stream tonight. It will probably settle down by next week. DFM at will stream an older show 10pm - 1am EASTERN so you can tune in there. Sorry!

Take the yellow pill! the Thursday Night Plundercast NCN show (starting late) our brand of obscure, eclectic, remixed, psychedelic experimental musical comedy programming. Use to tune in and hear. Thanks.

NCN - The SubGenius Documentary After-Party Special

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All relevant links are here:


I am looking for the 'shopped photo (done well) of people running out of the movie theater with the marquee saying something about Stang and SubGenius? Anyone have it? Please post. I think the still is originally from 'The Blob'. TIA!

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