It's a small town but I have a congregation of geeks and nutters ready to distribute propaganda. Ready to enlighten and / or confuse! :pp01:

Rev. @Prof_Trixie has documented activities long approved and even condoned by the Church of the SubGenius.


@onan Thank you, happy to spread the Word of "Bob"! This is what came in my packet, is there more than this? Just curious since you asked for a mailing addy. This is plenty for now, tho! :D

@Prof_Trixie I produce and distribute SubGenius literature all year but especially quarterly. There is so very much more to come. But! Getting a goodly handful of Pamphlets from the SubGenius Foundation to have on hand is always the right choice.


You might like these. I call them Drop Cards. They are meant to print on the Avery 8.5" x 11" x 10-up business cards. These files are a bit pixellated, but should be serviceable.

@HMLivy Awesome, thanks. And they're in c o l o r! I've been printing on card stock, too.

@HMLivy I resized them in Gimp and think I was able to sharpen them up. Hard to tell with my potato eyesight.


The originals are in Adobe Illustrator AI format, and (except for the gradients) are nearly all vector artwork and scalable. Unfortunately the fediverse won't take AI, EPS-type files, so I had to rasterize.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and will put them to good use.

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