@Prof_Trixie Windows war 2300 lange Geschichte – Das ist eine Fälschung!
Windows was 2300 long history - this is a fake!

@Trojaner pah, auf eine solche lange Reise verwendet mensch Legacy Software weil diese eben funktioniert!1!! ☝️🤓

@Prof_Trixie OH! I love the episode where they encounter a flock of flying space toasters.

Can't be true - Data would have modified the display to run Gentoo or Arch before suffering Windows™.

@rochelimit Agreed. Someone made a meme where the viewscreen had the Windows update on it and I thought a similar thing.

LOL. I think it would have been even funnier if OK was replaced with "Make it so". 😜

@Prof_Trixie Good morning to a place where no man has gone before ☕️🖖

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