When life gives me lemons, I cut those lemons in half, pour salt on them, and suck the juice out.

Posters part 1.

Waiting for frames for the other two as they are originals. I kinda regret not dishing out another $20 for an original Caligula. Maybe someday.

More stickers are on the way!

I've had seven people express interest in doing a sticker / art / letter (or whatever cool stuff a stamp would cover) exchange and four envelopes going out this Saturday. I'd like to make this monthly. If anyone else is interested in exchanging envelopes full of cool stuff please message me. 😊 ✏️ 📨 📫

This poor girl needs to go to the hospital today. She's always had health problems. She has Felid alphaherpesvirus 1 which many rescue cats have, respiratory infections, gingivitis that led to six of her teeth being removed, and her inner eyelid has fused to her eyeball. She's been trying to use the litter box several times a day and throwing up a lot. She's not even two years old, yet!

Io is my best friend. 😿

Please tell me that Tom Kenny is a Reverend. I'd like to know that Spongebob Squarepants has a Pleasure Saucer waiting for him on X-Day.

Coloring page based on a dream I had about a singing frog with a magic lute that can sound like any instrument. (2009)

Just watched Airplane 2. Too bad I didn't get to see Shatner's rug. I like watching it evolve.

Artists and creative people (trained or untrained) - I'd love to check out your art / music / writings! Feel free to share your own or favorites in your possession. 🖌️

"Block Attendant"
Watercolor & acrylic

A book so powerful it made my camera glitch!

I *do* have the worst ADD so reading more than a few paragraphs of anything is excruciatingly difficult (hence a massive video collection) but I will try my best.

I asked my kitty, Io, if she wants to be my Minister of Propaganda and she said that she'd sleep on it.

Tonight, Jan. 7, 2021 from 7-8 pm (EST) The Catskill Maker Syndicate will take over WGXC 90.7 FM and create a scientific utopia! Join the conversation with any science or tech questions. We may also start having science quizzes. We can be reached at the underground bunker: 518-697-7400

Art by Shanti Payne

She's quite the multidisciplinary artist and circus performer! Gorgeous digital work, too. Here's her Etsy shop:


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