@RussSharek No way, I have cool Victorian stickers! I may get some more, but never ads.

@johnhattan @Nikolai_Kingsley WOW, yeah, I water it down and usually never have more than one glass but that still sounds intense.

I'm starting a letter writing, sticker and art sharing campaign. I have a few people already and could maybe take on a few more. I have tons of stickers, I like to doodle, and I want to work on my letter writing skills. This will so far only be for followers so I don't overwhelm myself. DM me if you want to exchange addresses.

@johnhattan @Nikolai_Kingsley That's great! Yeah, a little spice should do it unless you have essence of brisket. I wish I could try it. I haven't had absinthe in years and I don't want to pay $60/bottle for *almost* absinthe.

@johnhattan @Nikolai_Kingsley That sounds amazing. I love absinthe and I don't even drink. Texans know how to make anything their own. We are a hearty and...stubborn bunch.

@liamvhogan @Nikolai_Kingsley Right?? New York and Massachusetts are especially creepy places. LOTS of old buildings and cemeteries! I'm a couple of hours from Sleepy Hollow and, like Salem, they are Halloween year 'round. We have a Wicca store in the village I live in but not all witches are Wiccan.

AND the New York unemployment website has been down all day. Glad I have snail mail letters to write!

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It finally happened. Kubuntu completely crashed on my desktop with an update. Gotta go nuclear. Wipe and reinstall in the works. This is giving me Windows 8 and 10 flashbacks.

@onan Thanks, watching now! I thought he was the Pat Boone of Germany but I think he's way more fun than Pat. Love him unironically.

The Lost Media Archive: The Radio Show
January 15, 2021: Incredibly Strange Music Vol. 2 - Chapter 1: Jello Biafra pt. 25 - Heino pt. 2, Religious, Cult and Occult Recordings
Hosted by B.C. Sterrett


Camera already crapped out on this brand new phone. Hellooooo Open Camera. Thanks, F-Droid!

@johnhattan Corman is the best. He has so many movies! We'll have to see that one. I'm glad he made sure we got a decent sequel to Death Race 2000.

@johnhattan Thank you, I don't get enough Stooges in my diet. We should do a marathon.

@johnhattan Yeah, it was sad to see the Black House in SF torn down, too. People can be jerks.

@johnhattan Fortunately, we mostly laugh at the same things. He doesn't have the tolerance for bad movies that I do so it's fun to torture him (he teases me so it's only fair).

Very sad! Historic buildings are a primary reason to be in the north east.

1. I had no idea Poughkeepsie had a witchcraft district.

2. Ed Wood is from Poughkeepsie. I wonder if the statue has a permanent home?

3. Road trip!


@johnhattan I'm indoctrinating my partner. If he didn't like The Young Ones or MST3K we would have an issue.

I wonder if anyone else experiences this?

My dreams have soundtracks so I always wake up with music in my head. Last night had a couple of Dexys Midnight Runners songs and the night before Skinny Puppy. We did watch The Young Ones "Bomb" yesterday.


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