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If anyone interested...
VIVE LA RESISTANCE ! Full Collection at a lower price:
23€ + shipping costs

Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Panfleto de Guerrilla Bulldada
by Dr. Pseudo-Novalis

BUY HERE: afrikapseudobruitismus1.bandca

"Humanity is a comic role."

INFOWARS! Cut-Up cabalístico
de Imagen y Palabra,
acción discordiana de La GUERRILLA MINDFUCK!
Esoteric and religious jokes, Pranks, Fake Fake News
Technoboredom, blinks to our pals from the Bavarian Illuminati,
Anti-Propaganda, slogans,

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Check Secret film:
PSYCHIC MTV 2022 :trll: ✌🏼
directed by Alan Smithee:

Previously censored on youtube due to 'explicit and/or violent offensive content'

Exercise on Psychic Magick TV
(MTV: Mystic Time Visions)

43:33 minutes of VideoFNORDs

psss, including cameos of "Bob" Dobbs :jrbd:


Propellers in Love
by Arnold Dreyblatt and the Orchestra of Excite Strings 🎻 🎻 🎻 🥁

despite I enjoy a lot Dean Blunt solo projects,
still prefer HYPE WILLIAMS
the first project with Inga, his girlfriend on that time

Always with a Dark Dub vibe behind every track :pp01:

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@PseudoNovalis grabbed a few of his albums off soulseek already this morning including that one. thanks for the reccomendation.

If you don't know about soulseek you should check it out. it's like having access to the world's greatest shithoarding record collector hipster scum's personal stashes only instead of lording the signed one of twelve copies over your head they post up copies with scans and let you go through their stash

Maestra Suzanne Ciani - LIVE QUADRAPHONIC

Note: Use Headphones.

Unless you have a Mega Hi-fi Quadraphonic soundsystem,
of course...

GOBBY is one of the musicians that most surprised me last years.
Electronic Neoclassical & UMOR?

Gobby - Flights Of Stare

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