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MONTAGE OF HECK-SPIRAL (or That's What I Call NO FUTURE NOW) :trll: ✌🏼

Directed by Noname Nosurname & Pseudo-Novalis

Noname Nosurname: Camera man, Deep weird Video stuff & DATA,
Lofi 3D graphics & Musik.

Pseudo-Novalis: Montage, trippy Visions and myscelanea TV Shit & Musik.

As part of the Soundtrack:
D!rt & Odörs, Meme Vivaldi,
The Residents,Corporate Retreat, &... others.


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8º HAHA 147 / Fiesta del HAHA!

is a Myscelanea of some musical ideas (released and unreleased)
from 2017 to 2019; in fact a brief selection, focused this time overall
on the MIDI Classical Vibes, but also JAHZZ, and covers of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, and yep, Tubular Bells.

Thanks for listening.

ME WORRY? :trll:


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Tango Mango - MADE IN JAPAN

first electronic experiments with a good pal , almost 20 years ago...


And sometimes you don't see the Johnson.

A Johnson minds his own business. But he will help when help is needed. He doesn't stand by while someone is drowning or trapped in a wrecked car. "

W. BURROUGHS ; The Johnson Family

"To say someone is a Johnson means he keeps his word and honors his obligations. He's a good man to do business with and a good man to have on your team.

He is not malicious, snooping, interfering, self-righteous trouble-making person.
You get to know a Johnson when you see one, and you get to know those of another persuasion. Yes, you get to know a Johnson when you see one. The cop who gave me a joint to smoke in the wagon. The hotel clerk who tipped me off I was hot. "


Orphan Fairytale's old music box
Recording of a live set
support for Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
at ABC in Glasgow Uk


Michael Nyman - Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
Rondo Veneziano – La Serenissima
Shoeg – Registry
Hype Williams – zkittles
Meme Vivaldi ft. Creț - CODA (Kitty Music Single)
Mozart – Rondo for Glass Harmonica in C minor
Erik Satie – Parade
The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie - Chapitres Tournes En Tous. I Celle qui parle trop
Maxwell Sterling – Hollywood Medieval
Mozart – Masonic Funeral Music

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