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Liber EROS C'est La Vie! Out NoW!
by Dr. Pseudo-Novalis



>>> 111 numbered copies
More than 100 páginas di
'Pataphysical AMOR DEI Technicolor Emblematica

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in Alliance with @patanounltd people we are preparin' a massive Attack into Anti-Literatura Guerrilla!!!
In fact, we Don't Know what we are doing... Just Going Flow and Surfing this F**** dystopic Chaos!
DADA said: "I am a against systems, the most acceptable System is on principle to have none."
PataNOULTD invited me to collaborate on next issues of TOO COOL, a Serie of Book-zines: infoGuerrilla, Neoism, memes, Pataphysics, antiPropaganda, anti-Literature.
The only rule: There is NO rules

Sun Ra & Salah Ragab ‎– Sun Rise In Egypt - The Historic Nights & Concerts Of The Arkestra In Cairo, Egypt 1984, Vol. 2

Rev. Paniscus Ridiculous of the Church of the SubGenius demonstrates which of the oranges are his oranges.

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@onan This service will terminate on the 5th July 1998 at 7am.

The United States Post Office has challenges and I do not have solutions for those challenges. That aside...

It's cheaper and more successful and more efficient to find a penny item at Amazon, mark it as a gift, include a message in the gift invoice, and have Amazon deliver that gift, than it is to send a postcard via the United States Postal Service.

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The Mirror arrived!
The only newspaper where News are actually Good NewS!

Thanks @onan

Viva! :jrbd:

Viper - I Pupeteered Tha Takeova Of Capitol Hill To Instat Myself As President & Get Pogchamp Removd

Opus Dei - 2013-2021 SPACEBALL

What the Hell... 2013-2021
a kind of FLASHBACK
via Time Control Lab
Por la Gracia de Dios ✞



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