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Aló superior Mutants, friends,
collectors (or friends of collectors...)

I'm selling all these fetish items on ebay:

Codex Seraphinianus, Pierre Molinier, tapes from begininng of vaporwave, Spencer Clark & James Ferraro early stuff, Bruce Haack, Nurse with Wound , Pussy Galore, Vangelis

:jrbd: ✌🏼 :cnsp:

Display models are a great place to leave propaganda.

I always return to this piece...

better to listen the whole Symphony,
this time
with NO guitars
just little keyobards created specially for this performance
by Maestro Branca

just... slack off

ACTUAL PHOTO of J.R. "BOB" DOBBS from the collection of Dr. Heironymous Zinn

To become a Subgenius... it is easier to be born one, but for the hardy few that survive the initiation... their life is forever changed.

I think it's good to have different identities. One in public, one in private, one with friends, one with lovers, one with bosses, one with coworkers, Etc.

It is best practice to give people something they can understand. What they expect to see, they find.

Always trying to reveal your true self to everyone is a difficult task as they don't even recognize their own reflections.

Still not sure if I could do it but...
Just MAYBE in a couple of weeks
I will do a little run of VIVE LA RESISTANCE #4

To celebrate New Pataphysical Year 147 :angery: 🚀 🚀 🚀

I am so good because I am so bad.

Laugh when you get it, cry when you understand.

I know so much, but I understand so little.

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