@PseudoNovalis Wish I had it in my collection, very unique work!

I've been seeing you use pataphysics, but I hadn't looked the word up until now, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%27Patap ... interesting!

@nak Pataphysics is a SCIENCE of the exceptions and the events etc that broke the norm of Normality, Dogma and Usual science; Pataphysics studies (and Practise) the Particular and rarest matters and Things in our Universe in front the General conclusions of Science.

And Overall.... Pataphysics is HUMOR / UMOR

@PseudoNovalis great, I think I DiscOver'd some pataphysics back 'n the day and called it "word math" haha, I'll have to dance with this devil for a while

@nak There is a lot of diferent definitions of Pataphysics but my favorite one is:

Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions.

I Guess Dobbs knows well about it!!! :jrbd:

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