"Bob" levels are at 68% and rising rapidly.

(68%) :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: :jrbd: □□□

@wattdefalk man, I just posted that because is a Meme :stld:

If a want to hear good classical music I have always Good sources

Life is Flashing Before your Eyes
by Vince Collins.


"Cheery pop images and mellow lyrics."
Timothy Leary - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - May 1, 1992

Playlist para estudiar como un filósofo medieval que tiene la verdad revelada por la gracia divina


@wattdefalk well...
to be true I'm not a fun of 'punk rock' music...
Except a few bands like this,
what matters for me is the punk ATTITUDE, whatever that means...

for example when I think on punk what comes to my mind is Genesis P. Orridge
and NOT the Sex Pistols haha

that kind of ATTITUDE :)
✌🏼 ✌🏼 ✌🏼

WTF :trll:
playlist para estudiar como un filósofo cyborg en la era de la información y la posverdad


He released it for three fundamental reasons: first, as an homage to Miguel; second, to give strength and encouragement to a contrite and broken Desechables; and third, because the intention was to record an album that couldn’t be. Tere, the band’s singer, has always declared: “In my opinion, “Golpe tras golpe” is the real Desechables.”

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As sadly that live album couldn’t be recorded, Esteban rescued the desk recordings preserved on cassette with the last Desechables gigs from the autumn of 1983 in order to make up the band’s first LP: “Golpe tras golpe”.

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They were on a high and finally here came the big day: their definitive recognition in Spain’s capital. We were moving upwards little by little, everything in the band was going in the right direction. But destiny brought about the unrepairable: Miguel died.”

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On December 28-29, 1983, Desechables were going to record their first LP live at Madrid’s Rock-Ola venue. Esteban Torralva (the band’s manager) explains: “Everything was ready. Madrid was covered in posters, there were big expectations everywhere. Desechables were getting played on the radio, people were talking about them...

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DESECHABLES - El Fin del Mundo (1984) :abmb:


Best spanish Punk band ever!
in some way so primitive, minimal and agressive as Suicide.

Terry Riley - YOU'RE NO GOOD :cbhb1:

the first remix ever??

"From 1968, Terry Riley's trippy 20 minute re-arrangement of The Harvey Averne Dozen's "You're No Good". Two reel to reel tape machines twisting in and out of sync amongst passages of heavy proto-synth oscillation, ring modulation, tape delay and echo. Breathtakingly modernist. Not for the faint-hearted."

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