"Pavlov’s Dogs" is fan film based on "The Invisibles" by Grant Morrison (Volume II, Number 19, October 1998). Starring Nabil Shaban as the voice of Mister Quimper.



“New human species found in Philippines” says scientists. Human / proto-human interbreeding, proto-human remains found on isolated island, multiple strains of proto-humans in proximity... can any explanation save that of ancient aliens explain it all?


I've wanted to start a dedicated subgenius darknet that would enable P2P file sharing an other fun things. I think this may just be what I've been looking for. It's open source and free for the first 100 devices. It is basically a VPN/SDWAN solution.


Let me know what you think. If you want to join the SubG DarkNet send me a PM once you have ZeroTier One installed.

The alt-right are evil and part of the conspiracy. They have no slack which is clearly evidenced by their concerns about racial purity. The alt-right is indeed not good.

I can show you things about yourself you never even knew was possible.

Friend at work turned me on to this. It is all automated I am working on a Dark Net to include certificate based auth/encryption


NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1720 - Cerebral and Spiritual Mash-Ups :jrbd:

This one's an all chock-a-block mash-up of mash-ups. Rev. Susie the Floozie pointed us to some very novel video/audio mash-ups on YouTube, especially some by Bill McClintock -- expert combinations of popular music from disparate periods in time and styles.…


Flying Saucers are real. Alien technology, itself, is based on ALIEN TECHNOLOGY from another ANOTHER world!

JOIN... the Church of the SubGenius

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“Here is a nude Obama riding a unicorn…. It was created by Dan Lacey, who normally paints photos of people with pancakes on their heads “

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