Hail BOB! I have an industrial band called Run Level Zero and we did a comeback in 2019. This is that album. We are writing new material as we speak. And some pop project, and some experimental stuff.

Watch "Roaring Twenties: Sam Lanin - Yes! We Have No Bananas, 1923" on YouTube

Two rich guys are in a space race, but every SubGenius with $35.00 is going to get there first.

It's not too late to beat them to the Finish Line.


The Hour of Slack has been produced weekly since 1985 by REV. IVAN STANG (PO Box 807, Glen Rose, Texas, 76043, USA) -- send tapes or CDs there for possible exploitation. Alternately, you can email...

stang at subgenius dot com

... with your submissions as links or as MP3s (if they're under 5 mb or so, per day).


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