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Severed Heads - Gashing The Old Mae West (1983/2011)

"The music started life in 1983 as part of the soundtrack for a stage play by Jan Hubrechsen. It was over 30 minutes long. A 20 minute version was pressed as a 12" single in 1986 and this 6 minute excerpt appeared on 'Since The Accident' released in 1984. [...] The images are based on what was (at the time) the unknown sound sources off a street market cassette bought in India."

Well, because he survived the night I assumed he would survive. Despite my best efforts, he did not make it beyond an additional 30 hours. His last moments: I massaged his tummy so he could relieve his bladder. Bottle-fed him a few drops of formula. Held him gently in my hands, stroking his still-closed eyes. His heartbeat grew ever fainter, and just...faded away...I'll keep his habitat and substrate in case another one falls out of a tree someday. Woulda called him Li'l Chiclet.

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On Sundays I used to deep-dive weird theories and frop it up with my offspring. Now that I'm 50 and an empty-nester, Sundays jes' ain't the same.

Would you Zoom/Show with me for an hour or so on Sundays? Open-forum, considered, debate and analysis (heh, "anal") of "fringe" notions.

If the answer is a resounding "WELL PRAISE HIS SWEET NAME!" what is the best title to clearly convey the nature of said broadcast? In other words, which of the following is most likely to make you come?

Name That SquirrelFriend!


Church of the SubGenius Members-Only MastoDobbs.