The Bitcoin bull run is now completed. Expect to see one more big rise in price that peaks below the current all-time high, and then a total capitulation, with Bitcoin losing 80-90% of its value until the next bull run.

When that last big price rise hits Bitcoin, the altcoins should start going to the Moon.

It gets better, it gets worse. We cling to our hopes like swords against the onslaught of the Furies.

My ex-wife is out of the ICU but still in the hospital; now our boy is hospitalized too, with double pneumonia secondary to Covid.

If you're not vaccinated and there's no good reason why you can't be, then go get vaccinated today.

We project our joys and fears on an indifferent cosmic canvas.

What would it even mean for existence to have a "meaning?"

You are entirely complete in yourself - with "Bob".


There are three methods for ending a bad habit. The first is to end it. The second is to wait for the end of all habits. The third is to recast the habit as a good habit.

The Church of the SubGenius combines each of these methods into one. We offer no scientific rational for your habits and their modification. We offer what an honest religion should offer: an all-encompassing EXCUSE. Tell yourself anything, stick a pipe in it and presto! You’re right and they are wrong.


The undisciplined mind gibbers and poots and manifests all manner of immediate somatic detriment in times of sustained stress.

The disciplined but untutored mind compartmentalizes and hides from negative emotions suffered under sustained stress, and suffers years later.

The master examines all emotions fearlessly and in detail, comprehends them, feels them willingly and gracefully without undue stress or dysfunction of action, and gains depth without serious harm in coming to terms with them.

@RevWhatsblem Sometimes I'm a person's only friend. She gets around but is definitely an outsider artist despite seven years of art school. She was the weirdest girl I worked with. 🤷

Yaay, just got the 2 fer 1 Subgenius ordainment kits - one for my sister and another for a friend who may be weirder than me!

@nina this animation of the Book of Revelations is great!

If there isn't an ebook reader that can accommodate animated gifs (and I don't know of one) then another route to consider is one of the many ways to convert web pages into apps, then distribute it as an app. I couldn't recommend one package over another to make this happen, but there are many packages to do this.

The Residents - Santa Dog '78 (1978)

Please take a moment to compare this song with what was popular in 1978. You will conclude it is not the same.

@RevWhatsblem @onan

I was once asked "are you an actor?"

I responded "no, but I play one on television."

He's probably STILL trying to figure that one out.

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