OK thanks to @onan I will deeply ponder the idea of a SubGenius/MetaOccult Devival at a relevant con. There are ways to do it distributive/iterative.

Now to get through goddamn Omicron.

@RevXenoFact @onan Mann I've never been to a devival, I've got to go and cult indoctrinate all my loved ones first smh 😤

@SpencerSpencer @RevXenoFact @onan You can do it, man. Just remember the fundamental rule of it all: wherever there are two or three, or preferably more, Subgenii, hopefully some with bewbs so it doesn't become a sausagefest even though that it is the way these things go 99% of the time, then you have yourself your very own Devival.
Invite some friends, drink some drink, smoke something strange, and rant. FUCKING RANT!
Listen to weird music too.


@senator @SpencerSpencer @onan my serious take?

The Church is more relevant now than ever. We need to empower others, the young, and get them into the next hell-bent iteration of the Church.

The Church is a safety valve that let's you go wild while never forgetting how dumb you are.

@RevXenoFact @senator @onan for sure, I actually have this whole chip on my shoulder about how corporate monopolies killed IRL subcultures, and I really don't think I'm the only person for which the internet alone just doesn't cut it. I'm convinced the world is crammed with people who have a deep craving for things that are personal that they can actually physically experience, just no one's expressing it, so I'm always down to fuck around to facilitate that :dkbtt:

@SpencerSpencer @senator @onan I hear you my friend. You articulated my feelings as well.

I'd love to hear more of your thoughts. Been busy the last few days so still processing this.

@SpencerSpencer @RevXenoFact @senator @onan

If a devival pops up anywhere near you, go! If not, as the Senator said, start one! Either is well worth the effort merely in the Slack you will both generate, and collect.
In the meantime, ask Mayor Onan about putting an ad in the Dobbstown Mirror to find like-minded mutants in your area.
And when all else fails, do what I do; leave Sub-G propaganda cards and leaflets around town; on car windshields, in magazine racks in waiting rooms, etc.

@HMLivy @RevXenoFact @senator @onan absolutely planning on putting in that ad, waiting for a copy of the mirror to arrive so I can whip up something fun with the right dimensions.
But for future reference, if any of ye ever run into a fellow overhuman in Ireland send them my way so I can torment them 👌👌


Ads in "The Dobbstown Mirror" are 500 characters. Just characters, no graphics, no layout, no bold, no italics, no line breaks, just plain text characters. Contact information is at the end, so it can be flush with the right margin. They look something like the below.

Ads in "The Dobbstown Mirror" are the privilege of those who are in the Slack Spreader tier of supporters at...


@HMLivy @RevXenoFact @senator

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