Hippie Toothpaste

While I do appreciate 'natural' products (I use peppermint castile bar soap, for instance), I'd appreciate them more if the product in question didn't taste like the seasoning regularly found in sausages.

@Rev_Adorno bite off a piece of that castille bar, brother. It works great as toothpaste too!

@Shitlord really? Never thought castile would be useful for toothpaste.

@Rev_Adorno hell ya, I get the giant liquid bottle and it lasts about six months for every room in the house. Washing hands, washing hair, washing body, washing, teeth, whatever.

@Rev_Adorno feels great on my butthole. I get those foaming dispensers and when they're out of soap, mix up 2 parts water and 1 part castille soap and you got foaming mint hand soap.

@Shitlord I'll have to give it a try then. Bet it saves some on the grocery bill.

@Rev_Adorno at least twice a year trader joes and Costco has a huge sale on two packs of 32 oz bottles for 11 bucks or so.

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