As an educator, I feel this 💯. This stupid administration will have more blood on their hands if more schools are being held hostage to open in a pandemic.

@Rev_Adorno Couple of interesting replies I've seen recently.

"I wonder how social distancing is going to work with school shooter drills in the fall?"


"It's up to the parents to make sure every kid wears a mask and social distances or else get sent home, that's their responsibility."

@Shitlord Yeah, what I think is so revealing about this whole debacle is how it just further reveals the rot of American society.

@Rev_Adorno *whiffs pstenches while pretending to fan a pot of bubbling society*

Almost, but not quite done yet. Increase heat for the rest of the month and then let simmer until November 3rd. THEN we'll talk about stinking rot.


in the USA, the schools are not run by the federal government

they are run by the states

so using this issue to bash trump again is pointless

the only one to blame is your state governor
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