Good lord... I'm playing 90's music videos and I'm powerless to stop myself.


And I'm talking about non-grunge music here, like mainstream pop. I think what's most fascinating here is the neo-psychedelic aesthetics that feature in so much in these videos.

Not sure if that was strictly an influence carried over from house, rave or psych revivals that half-way broke into the mainstream again (e.g. shoegaze, Britpop).

Then there's some interesting fashion choices. Bucket hats + JNCOS + skater shoes + monotone stripe shirts seemed to be all the rage back in 96 or something.

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@Rev_Adorno all the good musicians who hated themselves and their lives and their mistakes that I was vibin with so much in 2000 all went to rehab at the same time and everything has sucked ever since.

Prove me wrong.

@Rev_Adorno A lot of shit, Nine Inch Nails comes to mind, and now he's happy, has a kid and a wife. Signed with disney to make movie music money, his hearts just not into hating life anymore.

@Shitlord Gotcha. I've been listening to Dee-Lite, Neneh Cherry, Republica, etc. so far tonight, passing familiarity to most of it.

Good to hear that Reznor found a way into slack after being in the dark for so long.

@Shitlord "If the slogan 'Everyone is an artist' is to transcend the cliche, then artists had best exemplify more than alienated rage-driven hallucinatory infantilism or we're in big trouble."

- Walter ALTER, Little Wally's Reader

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