Having tired of the philosophy business, Slavoj enters into the prestigious field of anime review. No word yet on whether Evangelion represents pure ideology.

2020 in a nutshell so far.

The power elite is about as incompetent and reckless as Murphy's crew, but with the distinction of weaponizing instability as a form of domination and control.

"Bob" Dobbs has the only pyramid scheme that turns a profit.


Thinking of fellow Erisians on the timeline, always ready to throw OM into full effect.

As an educator, I feel this 💯. This stupid administration will have more blood on their hands if more schools are being held hostage to open in a pandemic.

Why get abducted for free?

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Couldn't handle the humidity in my apartment today, so I went back to the rocky beach to catch the evening breeze.

I'm typically not a nihilist/pessimist when it comes to politics (it's also straight up depressing). But the more 2020 rolls on, the more I think about this quote.

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Chicago sunset over the Metra tracks, cicadas chirping in the evening breeze.

The predominant type of transportation I imagine exists on Planet X, sans the saucers.

Hippie Toothpaste

While I do appreciate 'natural' products (I use peppermint castile bar soap, for instance), I'd appreciate them more if the product in question didn't taste like the seasoning regularly found in sausages.

Being poor.

I think being from a working class background like my own doesn't automatically make me a leftist, but getting involved with political work like the labor movement did.

I have vague memories of playing with this toy back when I was a kid and I was absolutely fascinated with it. Took me forever to remember what the hell it was called, since I've never seen one since.Thank goodness for the internet.

Did some doodling during the X-Day festivities this weekend. Will need to get some high quality markers at some point.


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