Having tired of the philosophy business, Slavoj enters into the prestigious field of anime review. No word yet on whether Evangelion represents pure ideology.

2020 in a nutshell so far.

The power elite is about as incompetent and reckless as Murphy's crew, but with the distinction of weaponizing instability as a form of domination and control.

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Here's the infamous Bruce Howard giving a fiery sermon on...truth? Perhaps he's speaking in a language that still needs to be deciphered. You let me know if you can make heads or tails of it.


@onan A great publishing outfit! I only have their issue on William Burroughs so far (#4/5). Still need the industrial handbook and the RAW interview that just came out.

"Bob" Dobbs has the only pyramid scheme that turns a profit.


Robert Anton Wilson 

@Nikolai_Kingsley I don't know about the rest of FB, but the RAW groups have been like this for a long time. Be it Jordan Peterson stans for toxic masculinity and heirarchy or fascist apologia to 'own' the SJWs for being intolerant to racism.

Also rampant anti-science beliefs, because scientists are read as 'experts' and 'authorities,' which is somehow inherently authoritarian in itself.

Robert Anton Wilson 

Damn, the FB groups for RAW are a tire-fire. Most of the flame wars I see on there are when folks use maybe-logic relativism as a dogmatic cover for dubious politics and bigoted opinions.

For instance, the common hobby horse seems to be piling on leftists as authoritarian, for believing something like speech having consequences. Or that evidence-based science functions too much like religion, is dogmatic, etc.

There also seems to be this carefree weirdness that everyone seemed to be doing in their videos too. Even 'serious' groups like Soundgarden seemed to be on that bandwagon.

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You can get them by track or by album -- $10/album or $1/track!

Also, if the spirit of Dobbs so compels you, you can pay MORE than the asking price as part of your regular love-tithe!

The two latest new albums, Bobsongs 7 and Bobsongs 8 -- almost 10 years in the making! -- are released ONLY as downloads from...

:jrbd: subgeniusfoundation.bandcamp.com

@pppppp yeah, I think there's lots of twists like a usual Lupin film. Think this one had to do with counterfeit money or something. It's been awhile since I've watched it too.

@Shitlord Gotcha. I've been listening to Dee-Lite, Neneh Cherry, Republica, etc. so far tonight, passing familiarity to most of it.

Good to hear that Reznor found a way into slack after being in the dark for so long.

@pppppp He did! It's Castle of Cagliostro if that rings any bells. I think it was also his first feature too. Definitely worth checking out.

Then there's some interesting fashion choices. Bucket hats + JNCOS + skater shoes + monotone stripe shirts seemed to be all the rage back in 96 or something.

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