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The SubGenius diaspora call is happening again this afternoon. Ask Pressure on Scrub for the deets.

Why get abducted for free?

For a one time payment of $35, you'll get your own personalized pleasure saucer! Sex deities of your preferred gender! Libraries brimming with first editions of your favorite comic books!

Ask "Bob" about this once in a lifetime offer at

Couldn't handle the humidity in my apartment today, so I went back to the rocky beach to catch the evening breeze.

Had a fun zoom convo with dad last night while he was figuring out his new iPad. Which got me thinking that my parents, brother and I should all do a zoom call family reunion since we all live so far apart from each other and it would also be good to see what my brother's place looks like.

I'm typically not a nihilist/pessimist when it comes to politics (it's also straight up depressing). But the more 2020 rolls on, the more I think about this quote.

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"the hustle" is a fruitless exercise, you're ramping up and exciting your nervous system for no reason, adding needless stress to your body (it's processed physically) and dying faster so those 'service providers' in your life can steal from you faster. you 'hustle' only because the conspiracy told you that that was the only way forward, same with your amazing CS degree.

instead you could simply pay ONE TIME for INFINITE SLACK and CHANGE THE FUTURE with TIME CONTROL :mib0:

Do you want to save the world? Want to rediscover long lost magickal abilities? Ever wonder what Connie Dobbs looks like in a tux?

Join Sailor "Bob" and the other SubGenius sailors as they fight to protect the Slack Crystals and save the solar system from the sinister clutches of the Conspiracy!

Sign up today at

Who gets the right to free speech and on who's terms? Clearly not those who belong to the creative underclass of knowledge production. Nor was there discussion of writers and academics who've been unjustly deplatformed for critiquing white supremacy or colonialism.

Really wishing the gym downstairs opens again so I can lose some weight and limber up from being stuck in my apartment during the pandemic.

I swear, almost every time I come home these days, my muscles and joints are sore to the point of me nearly passing out from exhaustion.

Chicago sunset over the Metra tracks, cicadas chirping in the evening breeze.

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NEW! :jrbd: Hour of Slack #1786 RADIO-SAFE VERSION :jrbd:

Friends, the Virtual Online X-Day Drill was lots of fun. The audio recordings are gonna take some editing, though. Luckily, Rev. Susie the Floozie saved our bootaw by doing a SUPERB brand new X-Day and Plague episode of "Bob's Slacktime Funhouse on WREK At…

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Sometime I must tell you about shooting rats with "Bob".

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class consciousness means getting bad service and showing solidarity anyways

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