Don't just eat the hell out of that hamburger.
Hug the hell out of your friend.
Love the hell out of your lovers.
Fuck the hell out of your fuckbuddies.
Thank the hell out of someone nice to you.

They might die suddenly and shut up like hell. Give them everything you've got. Today. Right now.

I'm pretty sure I'm completely done with the "Subgenius" groups on Facebook. Pity, but at least endures.

if your religion doesn't let me summon a hot demon then im sorry but your Higher Power ain't shit

TIL that the famous phone number "Pennsylvania-6-5000", now (212) 736-5000 rings through to the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. The number was assigned to them somewhere around 1919, meaning the Hotel Pennsylvania has kept the same phone number for a century.

I've been AWOL here and on the Time For The Show Discord because I've been spending all my free time calling fouls on derby girls and calling CQ on my ham radio. My Slack ain't showy, but it's mine.

Wonder idly how Kafka developed his fascination with bureaucracy.
Google it.
Google shows a paper on alienation and bureaucracy in Kafka.
Click link.
Well played, Internet. Well played.

This is pure unadulterated Bulldada, so be sure to limber up with Frop first. You've been warned.

The East German Secret Police’s Illustrated Guide for Identifying Youth Subcultures: Punks, Goths, Teds & More (1985)

My homemade fire cider. Fermented for over 4 years because I forgot all about it. Today, I finally strained it and it's delicious. I must've put a lot of citrus in it. My family calls me a witch doctor lol

Tomorrow, I get to send the future roller derby queens of America to the penalty box. It's a weird kind of Slack, for sure, but this Slack is mine.

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