James Randi has been my ShorDurPerSav in the past. Anyone who sticks their finger in the eyes of that many knuckleheads is a-ok with me. And he never did come after no Subgenius, because he knew we were the real deal, a joke, and even realer deal.

Sat my Subgenius ass down with my Subgenius wife and her Subgenius boyfriend and absolutely loved "J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs And The Church Of The Subgenius". What a treat to see so many people who've only been voices or names on a podcast to me, but who have all collectively cultivated the art, wit, and wisdom that made my life as rich and wild as it has been. I only wish there'd been even more material brought into the story.

"Kids are too young to know their gender."

"Are you really trans if you didn't know about it since childhood?"

- The Same. Fucking. People.

"You can think in a no-think way." --Alan Watts

Diogenes. He slept in a barrel, pissed on his rivals, and masturbated in public, all to make a point about the hypocrisy of civilized life. Is is possible JHVH-1 delivered a revelation to him one night while experimenting with a Antikytheria Machine of his own design? It seems likely based on these falsified documents I have here.

YOW!! I just learned the SubGenius movie is finally coming out... October 16 in "virtual theaters" (whatever that means) and October 20, View on Demand. I don't know WHERE exactly, yet, but here's the link that director Sandy Boone sent out today: movieweb.com/jr-bob-dobbs-chur

This probably means we contributors can get our DVD copies soon!

Boy Scouts circa 1987: "Hey young fella! Join us and we'll teach you to identify plants and tie knots!"
Eagle Scout me, today: [takes another bite of edible and reads a shibari tutorial]

Forbidden scientists at Dobbstown Costa Rica's Mentos & Coke Propulsion Lab are harnessing this fundamental force of nature in our quest to bring the word of "Bob" to the outer regions of space. When we say this baby has a 4-liter engine, we mean it.

While shooting the shit last night, my Yeti wife and I realized we're both, in a weird way, a degree of separation from Bjork and each fell ass-backward into that one. It's a curious Slack, but definitely Slack.

What do I want?


When do I want it?

July 5, 1998!

Amen, bitches.

After far too many months away from it, I finally added NES 6502 instructional labs for playing with the audio synthesizers and reading from the controls! #nes #6502 #retrogaming

Friday nights with my all-Subgenius family: making pizza from scratch and everyone doing the Fliescher Bounce to banjo music.

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