Looking through the memories of last year's road trip down Route 66. How can I deny y'all this beauty?

I hate the ‘our grandchildren will ask us how we let this monstrous thing happen’ line.

Unless we actually have a revolution so we raise kids without training obedience and passivity into them from birth, they’ll be like the people that came before: horrified by a few of the evils of our time - selected in textbooks written by those in power - while complicit in evils as big.

History isn't progress & we don't need the eyes of the future watching us to see injustice. We can do that ourselves.

X-Day letdown dinner with my all-dues-paid SubG polycule. Swedish ragbrod and various toppings, shots of akavit, and cocktails, cigars, and hours of shit talking. Frankly, I could be in my Pleasure Saucer and not know.

@drshoggoth The unintended consequences of having HST as your QA dept. head.

@pppppp Ah, psilocin. It's like the psilocybin equivalent of a hipster album most people haven't heard. Deep cuts psychedelia. I dig it.

It's the Conspiracy year 2020, and the world has fully stopped making sense. You can suffer in your loss of narrative, or, through the Church Of The Subgenius, learn to accept and enjoy the only actual fact-- that the world never made sense at all.

$35 separates you from learning how to make a delusional world more comfortable.


hot take: hamilton isn’t inherently political, you can consume it as just a fun work of fiction about ego and tragedy

July 5th 7am... and a decided lack of flying saucers. This can ONLY mean that this year, like the past 22 years, was not the REAL 1998. J. R. "Bob" Dobbs prophesied that the escape vessels would appear 7/5/98 and we must not waver for a moment in our iron-ribbed faith that this truth will be made manifest.

Perhaps your cult has made promises and not delivered? NONETHELESS the Church of the SubGenius lurches on, and so can you!


:jrbd: subgenius.com/scatalog/members

Attention Subgenii! If you have found your Rupture unsatisfactory, "Bob" has contracted a complaint hotline at (419) 405-6058 and an operator is sort of standing by!

Attention Subgenii! If you experience any delaynwith your Rupture or malfunctions on your Pleasure Saucer, Wisdom Chicken Ranch is contracted with "Bob" to operate a Rupture Relief Hotline. Just call (419) 405-6058, operators standing by starting the morning of July 5!

I don't dislike the web because the web is complex, I dislike it because the web's complexity is /unjustified by its functionality/.

(Well, also much of its functionality is bad.)
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