The @SDF Amateur Radio Club will be holding its weekly net in about 35 minutes. Please join us!

All radio amateurs are welcome to participate via:
1) Echolink Node 9229, the *TECHLINK* conference
2) Allstar Node 50110
3) Brandmeister DMR TG 31650

Everyone else can listen to the livestream on

Image of Earth’s geo-magnetic system interacting with the solar wind.

@nonlinear @SDF I'm not clear on what your net is for, but I love meeting Mastodon folks on ham nets. Can you give me a quick lowdown?


The SDF system has an associated amateur radio community. This is our weekly net to discuss all things radio, unix and SDF. But it is not limited to SDF members, we have amateurs join from all over the world. You can read more about us at

To get a feel for our nets, you can listen to the net archives at (scroll down to SDF Amateur Radio Club):

Hope you will join us!

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